WHY Test-Driving a $50K Car and Giving Away 20 Dollars can get you the BEST & BIGGEST Client You’ve Ever Had…by FARRRRRR

Let me tell you something about WHY Test-Driving a $50K Car and Giving Away 20 Dollars can get you the BEST & BIGGEST Client You’ve Ever Had…by FARRRRRR

It doesn’t start where you think it should start…and that’s the point.

If you knew the steps to making more money in your business, you would be following them already, wouldn’t you?

And perhaps you’re already following Steps 1, 2, 3, but if the results are still hiding from you like…ADD ANALOGY HERE, then you know there is a problem.

Perhaps the rules you’ve been following so diligently like creating a funnel, doing your affirmations and reading wealth consciousness books in the morning, and living inside of Facebook while your real life doesn’t look nearly as good as it does online…is simply not working!

And this is what I mean by backwards, or at least somewhere where you’re not expecting…like doing something that by definition has NOTHING to do with sales, and by EXPERIENCE can’t be any closer.

Would you allow me to explain?

There are ONLY two ways of working through a problem…intellectually and in REAL life.

Sadly, most coaches and supposed mentors teach from the head, and many don’t even have the experience of the transformation they’re selling, creating an endless line of lost people with lost businesses and only a FRACTION of the results.

I’m not saying that the head shouldn’t be part of the game, it should. But there is something that happens when you’re relying on words and INFORMATION to move mountains without considering all the blocks that prevent that information from sinking in, in the first place.

Why do you think all the wealth consciousness reading hasn’t led to your $10K, $20K or even $50K month?

If that was one of the steps, and you having followed it, wouldn’t you be “THERE” already?

YES…but that simply indicates that this is not the whole picture. Something fundamental is missing…

ENTER the $50K Car Test-Drive AND $20 Give Away…especially performed by my client Lex Love.

What did it do that mountains of books, courses, free materials and even PAID mentorship hadn’t yet done?

Well for one, it shook her to her CORE and gave her an experience in real life that she couldn’t NOT remember.

Do you know how you always remember the WORSE things more vividly than the good things in your life?

Well, these TWO were some of the more shaky HARD experiences for Lex of her LIFE. Barring giving birth to her lovely son 😉

For another, it took her WAY outside of her comfort zone and allowed her to TEST herself, in ways she never knew possible, and to really see what she was made of.

Sales have everything to do with YOU, and mentorship…and Lex wasn’t allowing herself to be the Mentor that she could BE. She didn’t even SEE what was missing, until she put herself in the belly of the beast.

What happened? A miracle…well, almost.

She made the BIGGEST & BEST sale of her career as an entrepreneur…just a few days later!

Over 2 years of information in her brain couldn’t have done this, and WOULDN’T do it for her…and only 4 weeks in my Money Wound Makeover: Healing with Money program did it!

You don’t know what it takes, or what it WILL take, until you’re facing yourself, and that is exactly what these experiences did for her…in an instant transforming how she saw herself, how she showed up, and more importantly, how she is able to HELP her clients!

By now you’re curious, and you should be…because I’m doing another round of Money Wound Makeover in February and ONE of the limited spaces has your name all over it.

If you’re anything like Lex, struggling for YEARS dabbling in her business and deathly afraid to let go of money, ask for money, and really to MAKE MONEY…then this program is a perfect fit for you.

But before you sign up, let’s have a chat to see how it would help you SPECIFICALLY!

Click here to sign up for a complimentary Money Wound Makeover Session: http://sazzuhope.com/apply-makeover

You don’t have to hear how awesome this program is from me! Want to hear what Lex had to say about it? Watch her Interview Testimonial by clicking here: https://youtu.be/hEqtqlCE5M8

If this hasn’t convinced you, then hear this. I just finished beta-testing this program. Out of 4 people in it, 4 got at least 250% ROI, 100% results, each shaved 2 years off their Learning Curve, and between them in just 4 weeks, they made over $32,000!!!

And if you’re thinking that all of them were business coaches, think again! NONE of them were, because it’s all about how YOU deal with Money, and THAT, my lovely friend, is universal!

[but you do have to have a business, let’s be clear! ;)]

I hope you get a spot into the best investment you’ll ever make this year and for the rest of your life…

Life will NEVER be the same.

Love, Sazzu