What if your entire 2015 yearly income is an unrequited message from your business that you’re not in love with IT…

Have you ever had the feeling that you are not doing well with your business? What if your entire 2015 yearly income [SHAME!] is an unrequited message from your business that you’re not in love with IT…at least not the way you think you are?

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When I was 17yo I came face to face with an illusion. It came in the form of a boy I was “in love” with. My first boyfriend.

When he was away from me I missed him, and I wanted to see him, and I found myself always daydreaming with what I would say or do when I saw him again.

Yet, when he was with me I didn’t like the things that he did, nor the way he acted. Deep inside, in many ways, I disliked him.

And so I realized deep down that illusions and fantasies can be dangerous, when they’re based on something that is not real.

For me in this so called relationship, it was based on something that wasn’t there, which was mutual love 🙂

This same thing is something that I see happening in business with a lot of women entrepreneurs wanting to get their business off the ground and make them really profitable…which means going beyond $10K.

They fantasize about a business that doesn’t exist and won’t exist…yet. They love a business that isn’t really there.

This illusion comes in two forms:

FIRST, in believing that loving what you do is absolutely enough to make your business profitable. It is NOT!

I was in a conversation with someone recently who shared with me how much she loved this particular entrepreneur’s business which is externally all based on beauty and desires.

But that is just one side of the equation, as I pointed out. That entrepreneur was also a kick ass business woman!

Beauty and desires are all great and amazing. In fact, I say we need them as much as we need to really love what we do, but what this is missing is…

SECOND, really loving DOING business!

This involves all the other stuff…the sales calls, the outreach, the webinars, the strategies and the continual investing in your education and growth.

I don’t mean tolerating or SURVIVING. I mean head over heals, I only have eyes for you, I will die without you kind of love. Ok a little overboard perhaps but I need you to get the point 😉

You can’t just be willing to do all that stuff, or to go through the motions, you have to be super excited about it. ALL of it!

Most people can say that about their purpose, and the services they provide, but not about the business side of things, and this is the main reason that their business has stalled for…years?

When you want the fantasy business, you’re always looking at the end result like having a Million Dollar Business, the traveling, the speaking engagements, the hundreds of clients… without thinking or considering the journey that it takes to get there.

And darrrrling, you can’t get to the business you want without GROWING into it! And to grow, you need all those other steps…and I mean YOU need them.

You can’t just pass them off to someone else to do at this level, before your business is a profitable multiple Six Figure business. Otherwise you’re always going to be dependent on someone else to grow your business…and the only person that it can and should depend on is YOU.

You definitely want this to be YOUR business, not someone else’s.

If you’re still reading this, I will say that chances are [pretty BIG] that you’re not really in love with doing business…yet!

And you can’t even bring yourself to think that you ever could, because up to now you have been making doing business so damn complicated!

So much so that it’s taking all your time, energy and honestly, sucking all the enthusiasm [and results] out of the room.

So let’s look at how you can actually FALL IN LOVE with your business. If you’re certain of your purpose and wanting to create a difference in this world, then we have to find you the best way there.

Shall we?

1. Stop making it so damn hard! There are probably hundreds of little things that you don’t need to be doing right now…and exactly HOW you’re doing business is creating the major STRUGGLE.

2. Make your business yours, down to the Ideal Soul Buyers you’re attracting every day with your marketing, and stop settling for anything less. This is what you need to do to skip the $10K 2016 goal that didn’t work for you and go straight to what really excites you…in CASH!

3. Do it quickly love! Time can be your friend or your enemy. If you’re getting results quickly, it can help you LEAP from level to level. If you’re not…well…the drag can be indefinite.

I just took 4 amazing women through the first round of my Money Wound Makeover program and EACH [as in 100%] got milestone-type results in their business, the type they had never had…like ever…and they did it in 4 weeks!

Honestly, getting results can be a lot of fun. When you’re not, that’s when you end up trying to FIX the problem, but you always end up fixing the wrong thing.

And here we are…with a whole lot of issues spanning from your fantasy business.

Like investing in the wrong mentors, taking years of detours, going from creating program after program that doesn’t SELL, without hitting even a $10K launch.

Generally, becoming entirely disillusioned. Remember my first boyfriend? 😉
And nobody’s doing it to you despite what your ego may argue with you over and over….You’re doing it to yourself.

So my question to you is…do you want the fantasy, the illusion or a real thang?

Comment below saying I LOVE BUSINESS if you’re ready to do the real thing, and NOT keep doing things as you have been…and tell me what exactly are you planning on doing differently, because I want to know!

You will turn your 2017 into the year that it finally happened! And by happened, I mean skipped right through the 10K thing and went for what you really wanted!

See you on the other side of your Business!

Sazzu Hope, Success Coach