What a Launch actually DOES for your Business

What if your confusion about what a Launch actually DOES is keeping you puzzled as to what to do first, next… or at all?

And what if going beyond the act of feeling “productive” doing things that have not moved you or your business forward in the least [or at the level that you want], you can move into being STRATEGIC and start planning your $250K business NOW?

<<**Just sharing a few insights and tips to…start thinking backwards on your way to MAJOR success…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

I am going to come straight off and say a very BOLD statement: You don’t have an online business without a launch. Period.

How is this even possible when you “think” you don’t even know how to put a Launch together? Does that mean that you have ALREADY been launching?

YUP, you have.

Anything you do to market your business in a sequence with a particular goal in mind is a Launch.

There are very small launches, and very extensive launches. There are launches with a goal of $5K and launches with a goal of $50K. Each strategy is different, depending on the goal.

It’s all a matter of matching the right strategy with the right goal…and also a matter of having a strategy that once established allows you to grow into it… and with it! So you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that perhaps what you’ve been doing is not matching the goal that you have in mind…and it also means [almost guaranteed] that you have not yet had a Launch strategy that you can grow with.

What typically happens is that you try this one strategy you learned from a group program you took and then you’re basing your ENTIRE business on it.

A perfect example of this are things like webinars, Facebook ads or marketing courses, courses on writing copy, free gifts or opt-ins, branding, and manifesting courses.

The promise is that it will solve ALL your problems and give you the clients and income you have been wanting for a long time. $10K right?

This is not to say that all of those courses don’t have a place. They do! You take those when what you are desiring is to get STRONGER in the particular area they are teaching about. But NOT as a way to base your whole business on it!

Let me interject here with a question to make you think. Were those courses SOLD entirely from the strategy that they were teaching?

My guess is NO. They had a full launch strategy that matched the goal that they had in mind.

If you’ve ever used some of these strategies and based your entire business on it…and it failed, then this is the problem.

Then you think that it was wrong and you try something COMPLETELY different, and you start the process all over again, only to lead to the same exact place.

This is how well-meaning women entrepreneurs spend thousands and thousands of dollars in courses with little to no results.

A successful business cannot thrive without the right launch strategy (even when it’s offline!)

The examples I gave you do not meet either of the criterias I talked about above…the strategy does not match the goal ($10K) and it is most likely NOT a strategy you can grow with by itself.

If your goal is $10K and beyond, you need a combination of strategies to make for a robust Launch that covers the necessary bases and GUARANTEES your success at this level, and many more levels to come.

With the right launch strategy you can grow well into multiple 6 figures from the automated systems you set up ONCE!

No re-doing, no starting from scratch, no one-off strategies that give you just one little part of the puzzle…and doesn’t work.

Set up the whole puzzle and watch it work for you 24/7!!!

Then you can start planning your $250K business NOW, and when you KNOW what to do first, next, step by step, it’s a lot easier to get there!

This is what a Launch DOES!

It helps you completely AUTOMATE your business and keep your energy and attention on the things you NEED to do, when you need to do them and nothing else!

There is nothing AFTER this. This is ALL of it! That means, this is all you do!

Your entire business is the launch, especially at the beginning…then later when you’re happy with your results you can add some of those group programs ehh?

Yes, we’ve been doing it all backwards…but you have plenty of time to make the change NOW 🙂

Now go out there and get it done!