The WHY Behind Why you’re being perceived as “just another” coach and where EXACTLY you need to focus so you can launch your 6 Figure Business

Can I show you where you’re repelling immediate YES, full-pay clients in your business, why you’re being perceived as “just another” coach/creative/intuitive right now, and where EXACTLY you need to focus your attention so you can launch your 6 Figure Business in a 60 minute makeover…all my treat?

Now, let’s see…you’ve been chasing those $10K for quite a while right? Knowing that the moment you make $10K is the moment you start building your Six Figure Business.

The promise, the allure, the…FREEDOM?

On the way, that $10K entrepreneur dream you had has turned into another nightmare Rat Race like what it was in your corporate job.

You’re done with all that…and now you want to get back to a more authentic way of doing things…
I TOTALLY relate…

When I started my business I went from zero to 100. I left my Corporate job within 3 months of becoming a coach, and I thought that I could make it all work rather quickly.

Being a recovering successaholic, nothing was beyond me. Seriously!

I had been all A’s through High School, High Honors in College and went quickly from $28-$70K per year in just a few years working as a Paralegal. So why would having my own business be any different, right?

One of the first things I did was get a website. I remember how happy I was when I finally intuitively uncovered the name of my company Fully Vibrant LLC. And how ecstatic I felt when it went live.

I remember also how I hired a visibility coach to help me with making videos, and another 2 coaches to help me with “growing my business”, whatever that meant.

I was being a good little student and dotting all my i’s.

I didn’t delay, I didn’t hesitate investing, I didn’t…GET ANY CLIENTS AT ALL!

During the first year I sold exactly 2 packages for $5500 and invested well over $40K in my business.

Still to this day I don’t know the exact amount. I think after $40 I stopped counting because it was too damn painful.

And no, it didn’t change much during my second year though I did start getting more clients.

I felt like I was the ONLY one who couldn’t figure this out and thought that I would explode with jealousy every time someone posted their “I just made 10K, 20K… or whatever K” post.

And I wasn’t even by MYSELF here…I couldn’t figure it out with coaches, if that’s not embarrassing enough. I was doing everything they were telling me and it was STILL not working!

I felt like I was stuck in a sitcom for the first couple of years in my business…the type where everyone is in a car and there is ONE annoying kid saying “Are we there YET?”…Except that I was the kid and I was ALSO the driver!

I was dreading spending another dollar and yet, I was terrified of admitting to myself that it was ALL for nothing and then with my tale between my legs to go back to my cubicle prison and let my purpose slowly die within me….

The expectation to show MY success was ginormous (or so I felt).

And though I had quite a few high-income months under my belt by that point, and my clients were getting amazing results, the pressure to make $10K was ON!

I was seeing it everywhere!

FB is great for a lot of things but sometimes my timeline felt like a torture chamber. It was like if I didn’t make $10K I was less than…everyone!

I got to a point where I had to sit with myself (something I hadn’t done the first 2 years because I didn’t know any better) and ask myself, what is really necessary here?

Your understanding and then your experience…in a 180* makeover!

Right now you’re only seeing half a picture, using that half a picture to make decisions, give you less than half RESULTS.

And opening your eyes…or precisely, knowing what you need to SEE with open eyes so you could get the RESULTS you’re looking for.

It’s all hiding underneath the Money Wound, do you know how it works?

Sazzu Hope