I wanted to show to you the few things I had to overcome to get to where I am in my business today:

– Sharing what I’m doing, feeling or being on Facebook or any type of social media. I had serious visibility issues.
– Perfectionism and doing things many times before they actually work
– Being general and wanting to help everyone with everything which left me helping noone
– Even being seemingly specific but still not getting to the core of my clients’ problems
– Not understanding exactly what I do, how I do it
– Asking for help when I need it which was harder than giving up gluten for me 😉
– Investing well outside of my comfort zone
– Taking criticism from random people on Facebook, clients and myself
– Expecting so little of myself and realizing that where I was was ONLY a result of my own inability to commit
– Working all the time without taking a break, burning myself out and having no time for my real offline relationships
– Overdelivering and underdelivering to prospective clients
– Overdelivering and underdelivering to ACTUAL clients
– Traveling all over the world for my business (could be fun, but sometimes not so much)
– Spending more money than I was ever comfortable to for hotels, flights and other travel
– Working through 5 or so niches before I finally started finding myself
– Coming to terms with the guilt that one of my months was more than my mother made the whole year
– Challenging myself to raise my fees when I was crapping my pants and questioning whether what I do is worth it or not
– Letting go of relationships that did not serve me, even when it hurt me to do so AND were close friends or family
– Understanding that I have the soul of a mermaid and if I don’t act as one, everything breaks down the FLOW and momentum stops

It felt rough, it felt hard, but adjusting each of these things to my TRUTH deep down, made each step forward more easeful.

And I did all this by following my intuition and deepest parts of who I really am, which kept revealing themselves every time I released more LIES from my system.

The beauty of it all, because I have been there, gone through this growth and can see exactly where it’s all going, my clients get the EXPRESS version clearing that releases what has taken me years in a few months…which is divine!

It took me YEARS to claim a $10K Month, even longer for a $10K SALE, and my first +$20K CASH month, when it happened, blew my mind.

So if you’re somewhere in between wrestling with one of the above, and you can’t figure it out, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Keep releasing all that Money Wound gunk that you’ve been dragging around all your life and start claiming who you really are!

Once you do, SUCCESS is the only possible result.

See you on the other side of YOUR successful business!