The (not so secret) Missing Ingredient standing between you and your CONSISTENT$10K months

Do you want to discover the (not so secret) Missing Ingredient standing between you and your CONSISTENT CASH months in your business as an Online Entrepreneur selling a High-End Service

<<**Just sharing a few tips to help you…STOP running around in circles…for YEARS and start living the life you want NOW…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

I remember what led to my first real breakthrough in business. It was about 2.5yrs ago, and I was pretty broke.

I was still working part time as a healer in a clinic in NYC, and with around 2.5K a month I was able to pay my EXTENSIVE credit card debt, my rent in a really nice neighborhood in NJ, and buy myself my healthy food. That was pretty much it.

But I wanted MORE.

I had been working on my business for 2 years, and nothing was happening…I mean NOTHING. After spending over $60K in mentors and programs, you’d think something would move…but no.

Sure I had some pretty awesome clients, had helped them transform in oh so many ways, but my business and bank account were still in the same place.

I felt so deathly ashamed. What if people found out about me? What if they found out that my business was in trouble?

And what if anyone realized that my clients were getting even BETTER results than me?? It was honestly quite a bit humiliating at the time.

So I decided to do something different…because what I was doing was obviously NOT working.

I feel this is exactly where I find a lot of the women that I speak to…trying again and again to do things by themselves, and nothing really happening.

The results is the only way to tell if it’s working or not…and it was what I looked at for me. My results were about $1500 to $2K/mo in my business. It needed to change.

So I got help from a mentor…and I made over my mindset, my strategy and my offer…and BOOM! Almost immediately I went to $7K…and continued replicating it.

But after that, no matter what I did, I did not hit $10K and I started wondering why?

What exactly was my business missing? What was I doing wrong that was keeping something that seemed so close, so far away from me?

What was it that my business didn’t have, that was making it go unnoticed and make me continue having pretty good results, but nothing REALLY extraordinary?

And then I realized that it was ME, not the strategy that was not pulling through…and the reason why I kept missing the mark was that I was missing the mark in my FOCUS inside of my business.

It was easy to look at my strategy, my website, my Facebook ads, or even my funnels as the cause of my problems…but they were only symptoms.

I felt deep inside of me something that kept stopping me every time that I went forward…like a force pulling me back, almost teasingly, helping me SEE what I wanted clear as day right in front of me, but still miles away enough to never reach it.

It was my Money Wound, and it was fucking with me like an evil clown making a balloon animal only to pop it in your face right when you go to reach for it…and yes, it sucked!

Until I was able to start seeing the pieces of this wound that I felt was there as clearly as I could feel my heart in my chest, and then start doing surgery on them to start having different experiences…I kept falling into the same hole.

So I worked right side OUT rather than the wrong side IN…and shifted the way I saw Money, how clients came in, and most importantly, myself.

This changed the game, and in a few short months I was seeing consistent $10K clients knocking on my door…and you can TOO!

What I want you to get out of this?

Don’t put your faith in THINGS, put it first in yourself, and have those extras support what you already have there. That means, YOU are the cause of everything in your life, and definitely the cause of whatever amount of money happens to come in.

So make it count, work on your Money Wound, and see YOU transform, and so will your money story.

Because, yes, you’re worth it!