The gift of individually or how NOT to delay your High-End Launch

The gift of individually or how NOT to delay your High-End Launch and what it can teach you about…being like everyone else WHILE also standing out… and selling your $5K packages!

<<**Just sharing a few tips to help you…welcome more opportunities and CHOOSE to be more like your sister!…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

I don’t know about you, but when I started my first business, all of my insecurities and old stories about needing to stand out came knocking on my door. Not with a fist…with a wrecking ball!

Maybe you can identify…when I was little I used to be either compared to my sister, or I used to be told that we were twins and the same. A little confusing for a 5yo.

You see, me and my sister are only 1 year, 1 month and 10 days apart. We have the same build from our face, to our heights, to our hips 😉

I came to live with my mother, sister and brother from my great-grandmother’s house where I was adored for the unique being that I was…I was used to being an only child with my great-grandparents (even if I knew I had siblings) and now there were two of us girls.

So people, as they often do, would compare us. And when they did, it was always saying that my sister was prettier, smarter, thinner than me….the list goes on.

When they said we were twins and the same, it felt even worse to me because the message was…you’re the same, but she’ll always be better.

You can see how this brought out a little rebellion in me…and for many years I made myself as different from her as I could be. In my character, style, personality…honestly, any way I could find!

I would reject any thought of us being the same (even though the similarities were pretty darn obvious) and during those years in high-school and even college, everyone that told me we looked alike got the stink eye from me.

I eventually got over it as I “grew up” and came to appreciate being compared to her. Now that my rebel blinders are off, I can see that we are so alike that it’s scary wonderful!

I also came to understand that though we still like the same things, have most of the same thoughts and instincts about life, we are also soooooo different. I couldn’t see either of those things when I was so gung ho about it.

So how does that help you sell $5K packages?

There are a lot of people out there doing EXACTLY what you do. What I mean by that is, if you’re a relationship coach, the end goal is to find your soulmate, no?

In business, it means nothing that you are like everyone else. In fact, it can be a very good thing that a lot of people want to deliver the same outcome that you do because it means that there is a need. This is nothing new.

You know this…and yet, why do you still doubt that your clients want to find YOU? That they want the SPECIFIC way that you deliver that solution, who you are when you teach it, or even the way that you organize the information that will get them there?

This doubt is a major trap that your mind has cooked up for you to get you to delay your High-End Launch. You simply stay where you are, always tweaking, always trying to get clearer, and never stepping into your brilliance. Rather anti-climactic if you ask me!

The truth is that you will never have it all figured out. You do it as you move, as you launch and understand what is working and what isn’t. It’s not more complicated than that.

So here are a few tips to get you to use the gift of individuality and start selling $5K packages as YOU…

Step 1. Stop comparing yourself. Though you deliver the same outcome, you couldn’t be the same as “her” if you tried…especially when selling to high-end clients. They buy YOU as much as they do their desired outcome.

Step 2. Stop pushing so hard trying to be different…it always feels forceful. When you’re focusing on other people rather than yourself… and your clients read your marketing, they are reading someone else’s marketing and then you wonder why they choose the other mentor, and not you? The focus has to be on you!

Step 3. Make it a daily practice to understand yourself and what you teach, more consciously. Pay attention to your desires and how you’re growing, and grounding those things daily so they become a part of you. I do that by journaling but you can use your favorite method here.

When you focus on you, it happens. The self-created struggle is what takes IT away from you.

…Then attracting your high-paying clients with your high-end launch WORKS, because you’re speaking YOU and they can feel it.

It can even help you find opportunities with people you would have considered your “competitors”!

Now go out there and get it done!