The economy of secrets in the broken Coaching Industry and exactly HOW to LEAP into the Mentor’s seat without preamble

Do you want to know what’s the economy of secrets in the broken Coaching Industry and exactly HOW to LEAP into the Mentor’s seat without preamble and OWN IT + Give Yourself & Your Clients a Five Figure Month [both at the same time]

OR How to get 100% Conversions & RESULTS for you and your clients, and their clients, and their clients…to infinity and beyond! 😉

When something happens once it’s a miracle, when it happens twice it’s good luck, when it happens three times you start questioning if you are turning into Beyoncé and if it happens four times you know you’ve got a formula for success!

Problem is, that most so called “formulas” stop at luck and sell that as a secret sauce, when in reality it tastes a lot like that McDonand’s stuff they slop on top of Big Mac’s…ridiculously cheap and unsatisfying…

…And then you sell it to someone and they don’t get results, and then they sell it to someone else and they don’t either…you get the picture!

This is where we’ve all come from in this industry one way or another, which is why stepping out [or jumping as far and high and away] from it as you possibly can, is important.

In other words, this is the why behind why all those courses you bought that were meant to be the solution to your clients + money problem are now collecting dust in a virtual folder in your dropbox…Ahem, I have like 100 of them in there. Yikes!

So what’s standing behind the 100% conversions and results PROVEN formula you ask?

No secrets here, in my realm. I will tell you step by step what exactly I did with 4 wonderful women in my Money Wound Makeover: Healing with Money Program, giving them MILESTONES in each of their businesses…

Including Ms. Agustina Palacios with her…ahem…$14K Month, 2-$7K Sales, and the most money that she’s ever made in her +10yo business!

I’m talking BIG MONEY RESULTS, big ideal client getting, big money goals, big everything honestly! 😉

Step 1. Starting with a full glass makes you spill a bunch of things that you NEED and keeping things that you don’t. I prefer starting on EMPTY to be able to give you the experience of TRUE transformation.

Step 2. Imagining you finish everything in your infamously long to-do list is a fantasy that makes your mouth water…what about actually getting to do ALL the things that actually give you MAJOR results? YUP

Step 3. Running in the direction of discomfort, challenges, or wanting to crawl out of your skin…and having fun with it? Anything is possible!

Step 4. Dusting off the reasons & limitations still keeping you from your mentor role is the last thing that stamps your forehead with GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

In other words, this is all about YOU!

What does this actually do in a nutshell? Getting you to realize that YOU are the cause of MONEY in your life.

Agustina found this the EASY way…HA thought I was going to say hard, right?

Well, hard was the way she had been doing it all, undercharging, struggling, not seeing how much bigger she could go with LESS effort, and DEFINITELY not seeing her mentor within!

And she did it in 4 weeks, closing two UBER ideal clients [with a third one on the way], the kind that they try to make formulas about and it just doesn’t work because you First have to figure out YOU in order for them to come in…

Yea, that kind! And understand, we did ZERO ideal client work, ZERO marketing work, and ZERO strategy.

What happened to make the sauce extra juicy and yummy and deliciously resulty is that it was a formula to get YOU out of the Money Wound from which you were operating, and THAT made the difference…

I’m talking MILESTONES, and the type of results Agustina dreamed about for YEARS, in just 4 weeks!

So what really made this different?

Well, she had a completely different EXPERIENCE with money. And having that experience in her bones allowed her to see possibilities, opportunities, and RESULTS where before she only saw problems, lack and objections!

And she wasn’t the only one, 4 women, 4 extraordinary milestones in their business, 4 lives transformed + with every ability NOW to transfer it over to their clients. In fact, they’re already doing just that!

And THIS is the reason why every other program didn’t work for them before this one, and they had tried quite a few, and nothing with this level of results!

How it started with Agustina and every other woman? With seeing EXACTLY how their Money Wound was hiding the precise reason that whatever they did, they could not move forward in their business…in their Money Wound Makeover Session, which you can apply for here:

Their first breakthrough started BEFORE the program, with their application and growing commitment to 1. understand 2. really see and 3. take that first step in doing whatever it takes.

So, I do have you fill out an application, because these sessions are reserved to THOSE type of women, and it starts by clicking here:

Final words? NOPE, not mine. I’ll leave the 4 women I was talking about, including Agustina do it for me…you can see EVERYTHING they had to say about their Money Wound Makeover here:

See you on the other side darrrrrrrrling!