The Balance Trap of Lifestyle Businesses

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A few weeks ago I went to a karaoke party I was invited to. Most people either LOVE or HATE Karaoke.

At first glance I thought this was the best crowd for karaoke.


Because everyone knew each other! Most of them have been best friends for years so there really shouldn’t have been any shyness at all in the room.

Yet, everybody was ignoring the karaoke screens.

I would even make comments here and there asking people to pick some music to sing to, and everyone was saying an almost brutally polite “No, Thank You!” Arghhhhh

Clearly, something had to be done! 😉

So I took matters into my own hands and picked a bunch of songs that I started singing to.

Believe me, I was stepping out WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Also, this would be cute if you thought I sang good. I really REALLY don’t. I think my singing needs serious improvement.

Yet, I was not seeking perfection. I just wanted to keep the flow and open the floodgates for other people to sing too. And they did, making me very happy! (more on that later)

I find that the same happens in business. We are constantly desiring balance and flow, yet what we are really looking for is perfection and that is why we keep stopping ourselves from having an amazing time.


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There is a huge difference between balance and perfection that can either skyrocket or plummet your business.


So, what is the difference?

Perfection is seeking the impossible and putting a bunch of rules in front of your goal. This means that if every step has to be perfect, then it typically will take much more time to get to the end result.

This happens for goals as it happens for everyday tasks. If every rule comes with a time frame then each rule will end up sucking much your energy than necessary. This is a topic I go into in my new Free Training because it is sooo important!

Balance is much cleaner. When you have balance there is a time and a place for everything in your schedule, giving you a lot of time for EVERYTHING in your life.

In business, this means planning ahead based on your goals and giving yourself plenty of time to achieve them as well as some wiggle room to crank it up when needed, or to slow it down when you need to.

The lifestyle business requires even more than that, because the ultimate goal is working less. So how can you accomplish this?

Again, the idea is having time for everything! Not just work, not just relationships, not just self care. Everything!

Imagine what it would feel like to not have to worry about having time anymore or feeling like you have to use that as your excuse because you know that your schedule has the time for each task.

This is how successful coaches do it, how billionaires have gotten there. They are masters at time management, and they leverage as much and as quickly as possible! The goal is never perfection, but balance.

So what is one thing you can do now to start creating your balanced schedule?

You can start looking by at your schedule and start identifying what are the good times for you to do certain tasks.

How can you start identifying this? Well, let’s look at when you work best naturally? Are you more productive in the morning? In the evening? After taking an afternoon nap? (I am!)

Build your schedule around what works for YOU. It’s very important that you test these things for yourself. You have to be relentless about getting it balanced, not getting it perfect! 😉

Tweet This ButtonRemember, Balance gives you time. Perfection takes time away from you!


If it was about perfection, nobody would have sang at the karaoke party. People heard me singing, and joined in to have fun and keep the flow. After we got it rolling, there were no gaps! The music kept going and people singing. We had such an amazing time!

And you can too! Every single day, in your business!

So, would you like to share with me when you work best by leaving a comment below? How can you make that timing work better with your schedule?

You can also ask me any questions on the challenges that you have about this topic.

Stay vibrant!

Sazzu Hope

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