Did you just cringe looking at the words above? It feels like an ugly reminder of all the problems in your business you still haven’t solved doesn’t it? The more you encounter these words, the farther away you feel from truly understanding and experiencing them. As a business owner, you feel like these words shouldn’t get under your skin but they do.

I know this ain’t your first rodeo darrrrling. You’ve been around the block a few times [or a few years!] and have taste-tested business growth/get clients/make money program out there hoping, praying, wishing, that they would help with that ONE thing that is standing in the way of your success AKA that thing between your ears!

And it’s not working.

Every time that you seem to be making progress, you push back and STOP.
Yup, I’ve been there. I was stuck in that dark hole for 2 whole years. It left me broke, hopeless and lost.

I’m not just talking about money [of which I spent over $60K], My energy evaporated. Enthusiasm and inspiration both took a vacation from my life and vocabulary. I was trading in everything I had, mentally, emotionally, and physically  make my business work. It almost cost me my sanity.

[No, seriously, my hair started falling out at one point and I started freaking out…it was THAT BAD! :)]

So there I was, working 80hr weeks, following every business and mindset coach religiously, hoping it would make a difference and I could finally have my breakthrough. Heck, forget breakthrough, I would have settled for some clarity, some direction, inspiration, ANYTHING that gave me better results. Instead, I just kept running around in circles. Nothing changed no matter how much I ran myself into the ground and gave myself over to those other “experts”. It was heartbreaking.

I finally figured out EXACTLY why none of these experts could help me, and why all of their advice and programs brought me one step forward and two steps back.

 The Problem:

They were ALL talking about the symptoms I was having in my business in their programs, but NOBODY was talking about the CAUSE of why these aspects of my business were holding me back.

Before working with Sazzu I truly felt like I was winging it in my business, I felt I was taking one step forward and two steps back, let’s say I had all the tools and ingredients but had no idea how to use them. That stopped me (or rather sabotaged me) from taking action and playing a bigger game. I am so glad I reached out to Sazzu for help, she is very generous and you can feel she comes from the heart and wants your success.

You may know the symptoms as those things that you’re
looking for solutions right now…like:

  • Procrastination
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • FB Marketing
  • Strategies
  • Funnels
  • Getting Clients
  • Time-Management
  • Sales
  • Visibility
  • Beliefs
  • Blocks
  • Sabotage
  • Worthiness
  • Balancing Life & Business
  • Mentorship Mastery

In other words…RESULTS

Each program maybe addressed ONE or TWO of these bad business symptoms, but what it got ME was never-ending frustration. Let me explain. JUST when I thought I got one symptom handled, ANOTHER symptom would flare up and I was right back at square ONE!!

It was an endless battle with myself. In the end I felt like crap for not “getting it”…and serving clients and making money got HARDER instead of BETTER.

“My first $10K breakthrough session with Sazzu was a great turning point for me, to see that my prices for my services were completely incongruent to what I was offering. Charging at $150/hour didn’t allow me to create the results I desired because I needed to price them as an intensive. After working with Sazzu and working on my systems and structures, it was the catalyst I needed to helping me attract my first
$5k client.Leimomi

Sound Familiar?

You have educated yourself, followed the coaches, read the books, done the programs but you still feel lost when it comes to bringing in clients and making sales. You’re OVER IT, you just want exactly what you need to do to multiply your results FAST [in like 4 weeks]!

In other words, Making Money
is still a mystery!

Before you give up, Let me tell you about Dez. DEZ compressed two years into 4 weeks and in that time ALLOWED HERSELF to receive over $11K CASH. Whether it was from clients or other sources, she became a magnet to money and UNDERSTOOD, finally, the CAUSE of making money!

In the first round of this program the participants ALL got at LEAST 250% ROI! Some even made 11x as much as they paid for the course.

It can happen in just 4 weeks, 8 calls, and speaking LIVE just once a week.

[…and I bet you’re thinking that it was just her. HA! Keep reading!]

I took Dez and 3 other women through my Money Wound Makeover: Healing with Money Program, which is specifically designed to get to the core of what holds you back from growing your business.

TRUTH BOMB: There are two ways that people change, but only ONE of those is permanent.

You can read Wealth Consciousness/Mindset Books like The Big Leap or The Science of Getting Rich or take mindset courses and work with a mindset mentor and STILL get zero to almost no results.

In the first round of this program the participants ALL got at LEAST 250% ROI! Some even made 11x as much as they paid for the course.

In case you need me to do the math, that is up to 100% RESULTS people!

When’s the last time you heard of those kind of results for a program? Oh, that’s right, NOWHERE!

Here’s the shocker: My clients got these results in 4 weeks.

Not one year, not six months, not 3 months – JUST 4 weeks.

I know, I know, I’d have a hard time believing it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

The best thing? Each shaved at least 2 years off their learning curve. They all thought that these kind of results would take them that long, and in fact, it HAD taken them already years and years, one of them having been in business over 10 years and had NEVER made this much money in her business…like EVER!

In that first round, in just 4 weeks, we had 100% success rate, crazy ROI and the lives and businesses of my clients were changed FOREVER.

“Before I started working with Sazzu Hope I knew nothing about online business or positioning myself as a coach. As I started using new strategies from Sazzu, it was not easy or super fast, because I felt frustrated and needed more support on my mindset issues. At the end of our program I got my first online client and I can say she truly is my ideal client! Sazzu believed in me even when I was full of doubts and together with her vast knowledge she really speeded up the process of starting my online business.”

By now you’re probably wondering what makes ME so special and able to teach ANYONE about the Money Wound? 😉

Well, nothing really. I’m actually just like you and like every woman that took this program. Except that my approach is VERY different than any mindset coach you’ve seen out there.

I have poured everything into understanding the EXPERIENCE of Money. I have figured out how to transform this understanding and experience by experimenting and studying it for years, until I figured out exactly how to get results.

I know people needed this in their business, so I condensed this program so that you can do what you haven’t yet been able to do in years in 4 short weeks. In other words, stop wasting time and start making money.

I FOCUS on what actually shifts people’s perspective so they can FEEL differently and start letting go of all the rules and limitations that hold them back. With this work they can start seeing the TRUTH…especially when it comes to Healing with Money and YOU!

In the real world, that means instead of adding to your pile of symptoms [aka problems] that are driving you into the ground, you are actually putting all your focus on the ONE thing that will get you to the core of the problem and get RESULTS.

After implementing my own research and study, I quickly went from making $400 a month, per client to making $25K Sales per client in less than a year. I saw consistent $20K – $40K Months while teaching my clients to do the same. (See their success stories all over this page.)

That is what Agustina just did…taking her business from struggling to bring in cash monthly to $14K in Sales with the potential for $21K in just 1 month. This was the BIGGEST month in any of her businesses, in over a decade, and she broke her own record of raising her prices AND making two $7K Sales in one week!

What made the difference for Agustina?

She had just enough time in the program to transform her entire money situation and RESULTS + now has the courage to serve her clients at a much higher level than before.

The Facebook Group [and the BONUS private time with me] gave her instant access to the answers to questions she didn’t even know she had. Having those questions answered quickly didn’t allow her [nor any of the other women in the group] to wonder for long and otherwise sink themselves deeper into a hole of lies.

She was able to stay afloat in the TRUTH not just about money, but about herself, which allowed her to make important fundamental decisions about her business that she hadn’t been able to before!


The Journey from Ugh to WOWZAAA… holy shit is this my life now?

 It’s pretty simple. Just 4 steps, each designed to give you the pieces of understanding + the underlying experience so that YOU finally stop going around in circles. What do these steps look like? You positioned as the badass that you are, stepping up into you, getting results and bringing a brand new level to your clients that you haven’t achieved YET!

That also means you will finally understand why all your mindset work and that spiritual work that always felt amazing didn’t work. With the Money Wound Makeover, you will be able to understand how to use all your previous training to make COLD HARD CASH..

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Daniella had similar results, except that this beautiful woman went crazy in her approach to SALES.

Know that icky feeling you always have when you ask someone for the money? Well, Daniella had it, and it was stopping her from getting the type of clients that sung to her heart at the price she was worth! Talk about stopping yourself from living your PURPOSE!

Can you imagine loving SALES? Well, Daniella couldn’t either, but she sure does now! After 4 weeks he now *gets* sales and loves it. PLUS that little fact that it made her $11,000 of income in just a few weeks, with clients she didn’t even know existed but were already around her, WAITING for her to step up!

If you’re thinking that these women are special and different from you, think again

  • Each of them was at a different point in her business from just a few months to over 10 years.
  • They all had different types of businesses. They all come from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • They were all working on different specific aspects of their Money Wound AND ALL of them had major breakthroughs in their RESULTS, not just their mindset.

This is NOT awesome information to blow your mind, this is life changing experience that will blow up your BANK ACCOUNT!

This program is designed to meet you where you’re at and HEAL the wound, remove it from your system and give you RESULTS.

Strategies work on symptoms, not the CAUSE [AKA You and The Money Wound], so your experience and trans-formation happen no matter who you are, what kind of business you run, or what your issues are…IF you’re doing the work.

Instead of focusing on all the symptoms (lack of focus or clarity, chasing clients, struggling with sales) which are NOT the cause of

your business frustrations, this program focuses on the CAUSE aka. The Money Wound. By focusing on the cause, rather than the

symptoms, results can happen dramatically, quickly and permanently!

But this program ain’t no walk in the park, or magic pill. It’s an intensive program, and its called that for a reason. It’s going to get intense…and oh so worth it!

Here’s the thing:You can’t grow without getting uncomfortable. (It’s a LAW.) BUT discomfort can be fun and enjoyable.

This CAN BE the best time you’ve ever had in your business!

And it’s only 4 weeks. That’s a quick turnaround to transform your whole life…I think it’s worth it.

Do you?

The bottom line?

  • Every single person in the program made at least 250% Return on Investment.
  • You will have EVERYTHING you need to make that and so much more, back, so you can let go of the backwards idea that investing is just money going OUT and not money coming in. I have spent the last 5 years studying this stuff and I KNOW everything that doesn’t work.

This is the culmination of all those years, in its simplest form so you can USE IT. I could give you books of information on this stuff, and you won’t use it.

In fact, I’m sure you already have programs like that collecting dust in your bookshelf or a hidden folder in your computer. This is NOT that program. Every piece of information you will use, get a different experience, and THEN get a different result.

When I first talked to Lex, she said that she didn’t have the money to invest in another program. When she understood what THIS program is all about she made it happen because she was tired of the same old same old and knew this was different!

What happened you ask? Well, let’s talk biggest month, biggest and best client, and the complete feeling of confidence in her ability to deliver like a MENTOR, not just a coach!

Let me make it even sweeter for you…with a few EXTRAS that made this program
EXCEED all expectations:

  • Additional Sales Training Sheets and Audios ($397)
  • Sales Modules from my Best Selling Program $10K in 30 Days ($997)
  • The entire Time & Money eProgram ($1997))
  • 30 Minutes Private Laser Coaching Session with Sazzu ($997)
  • Lifetime access to Program, Materials,Additional Resources, Facebook Group, etc. so long as the program is active. (Priceless)

Above all of this, it’s just about ending the struggle by KNOWING how to make money. The mystery solved, for the rest of your life. This is the foundation that you should be building all that education that you have already had ON.

My question to you is…are you attached to your security or your RESULTS?

It’s important to know which, because yes, signing up for this course and doing the work will require your willingness to get uncomfortable…but that will only lead to even BETTER results.

The way you’re signing up for this course is one of the biggest parts of the experience you have with money, and it makes a huge difference how you also sign up clients…and how THEY do it too 😉

If you’re ready for this, and the transformation that just 4 weeks can have for the rest of your life, then you can sign up by clicking one of the options below.


It will if you will it to. One of the things that you will learn in this program is that you get whatever you want, just because you say so. If you’re going to doubt yourself all the way through, especially before we haven’t even started, it’s going to be an uphill battle.
Will I be able to do it? + First of all, you’re more capable than you’ve EVER given yourself credit for. You can do anything! As to how it works, I’ve kept the actual steps out of this page, for a reason. I need you to stop worrying about the HOW, and start focusing on the goal you have. And you can’t do that, if you get the steps ????
It’s actually easier, but it won’t compute until you actually have the experience of making MORE.
Totally cool dude. You’ll need this as a solid foundation to lay your business on. Your business success will go a hell of a lot faster than it would have otherwise. This program takes 2 years OFF the learning curve.
This is the biggest wound yet! And it’s affecting you making the money that you want. If you’re able to go through ALL your resources and find a way to make this happen for yourself, you will never doubt that money is ALWAYS there for you, no matter what. That alone is worth this investment.
You don’t have a month and a few hours a week to dedicate to something that will completely transform your life? Nothing that you’re doing right now will have the power to shift you as this does. If you’re not willing to invest the time on this, you deserve your results. (I know, meanie me, but it’s true!)

If you have more questions that I haven’t addressed here, feel free to apply to speak to me by clicking HERE and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Take it from each of my clients that went through this same course, you will get the results you want if you’re willing to work the program and face yourself.

And then you’ll become my favorite type of notification on Facebook.

I’m not just bragging about my clients… you’ll get to brag about yours too because this course will move past you, and onto your clients and on further! 😉

But it DOES start with you, and your commitment to do whatever it takes. Do you want to be my next wonderful testimonial? Are you IN?

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