Is Living in an Illusion the Real Reason Why you did Low on your business the Whole Year Last Year?

Are you living in an ILLUSION and is that the Real Reason that last year your business did less than $50K…the whole year???

Over the past 4 years in business, I have come to realize that there are 3 types of businesses and business owners to match at the beginner level…

The first is the HOBBIEST. The one that spends their entire savings/credit cards/401K in courses, mentors, healers that promise to be the solution and yet, nothing really happens.

The Hobbiest has had here and there success, but nothing really sticks. She keeps throwing money at the problem, keeps learning, and her library of skills is greater than the library of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt 😉

The second is the BOSSLADY. Sounds great right? But Ms. BossLady is pretty much boss and employee and her idea of investment is minimal, so her growth is veryyy slow.

She never has any money and though in her past jobs she lived paycheck to paycheck, she now lives client to client. She’s pretty much in the same place she was, except she’s at least her own boss 😉

And then there is the LEAPER. Now she’s a specimen! She is making over $10K/mo, has enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, and is now starting to leverage her time so that it works for her.

She knows about investing from a place of abundance, has manifested some clear miracles in her life, and knows exactly what it takes and what it doesn’t!

Now, each of these businesses and business owners have their own challenges, but one thing is certain, that where they get stuck is a place that they are living an illusion, of something that is not real!

And that illusion is SAFETY.

You see, most business owners at the beginner level think that they need to find some semblance of a guarantee, of safety before they move ahead and make a decision to go to the next level.

That when they invest (their time & money) to go to our next rank in income like a $10K Month/Week/Sale, that it’s going to work.

They think that if they find it in their minds that they will be able to move ahead. But let me tell you, safety is ALWAYS an illusion.

We’re wired to want to find some security or comfort, but the idea of comfort is always against the idea of growth.

So, the very moment that you’re looking for safety, to stabilize and not feel so stretched (emotionally, mentally, financially!) is the very moment that you’ve stopped growing.

This is the reason that most business go from Hobbiest, to BossLady, to then step into Leaper. And it takes years…and most of the time, it NEVER happens.

It’s way too hard, too much work, too many hours and sweat and tears…and it leads to dis-illusion.

Which, is a bit ironic in my book! 😉

But let me ask you this. What makes you think that you CAN’T take your business to a $10K Month/Week/Sale and go straight to Leaper starting NOW…even in 30 days?

And if you could, what is it that you have to RISK?

I can tell you what my clients risked in the last round of Money Wound Makeover: Healing with Money

– They risked their comfort
– They risked settling for less than ideal clients
– They risked charging lower prices
– They risked getting less clients than they deserved
– They risked totally making over their Money Wound and starting to show up as the mentors that they are

And guess what, they did it! And the real risk? Well…because they did all of this, they had at least $250% ROI…now you tell me, was there any risk at all? And not just one of them, ALL of them! One of them even made over 11x more than the course cost.

Make no mistake, if safety doesn’t work [and it hasn’t so far, right darrrrling?], then something must be risked to leap ahead!

Taking risks with Art leads to the masterpiece. Business is an art, and being safe all the time destroys its full potential 😉

One of my clients practiced this beautifully recently! She took a risk to work together and said YES, when she didn’t have any money to her name, or credit cards, or anybody she could ask.

All she had was herself, and her belief that she could make it work! So from the very first month, she created miracle after miracle, and at the end of 90 days, she had done more than $30K in business!

ALL participants in Money Wound Makeover made over FIVE FIGURES in the few weeks following the start of the program. ALL of them…that’s unheard of!

And so the Real Truth emerges…that what you really have to risk is believing in YOURSELF! That is the only real safety you will ever have. And you get to choose it now!

So here’s my invitation to you, to risk, and believe in yourself…if you want to stop slowly inching towards your dream business and LEAP into it now!

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