Can I share to you the “HOW TO” on  Working hard all the way to an empty schedule?

I grew up busting my ass for everything I had.

When I came to the states, my grandfather drilled into us that you would accomplish nothing in this country without hard work.

He modeled himself as the example to follow…someone who woke up at 5am, was at his work at 7am, worked in a hard labor position, and was so exhausted by the end of the day that all he did was watch TV and go back to sleep to repeat it all over again the next day.

In school I worked really hard. I did not know any English in 7th grade when I arrived, but by Senior Year I graduated as #3 in my class and received the Advanced English award for my class…which I always thought was really funny being an immigrant and all!

By the time I started working in corporate after yet another Honors graduation in college, I was becoming pretty beat up with the HARD work, and the RULES that I had to follow in order to make my dreams come true.

I never got anywhere with that archetype, because it put conditions on my dreams that are based on FEAR rather than DESIRE.

The problem with this is that most of us don’t grow up from what we’ve learned all our lives, even if we know it’s wrong, even if we know it doesn’t work, even if we’ve experienced it time and time again.
We always go back to what we’re used to!

The only way to change it is to have a different experience!

Ask yourself…Why is getting more Discovery Sessions so hard?

Do you know?

I spent about 2.5 years pulling my hair out in despair, waiting for that “once a month” Discovery session email to come…and when it did, it was with people who just wanted to pick my brain for free!

So here is the deal…I want to make it easy for you, and not just easy…ELEGANT!

There are quite a few things that you’re doing that are blocking it being easy and right now, I’m ready to help you stop them so you can have your BEST January.

➢“The HOW” behind getting Discovery Sessions is never JUST strategy and understanding this will permanently remove you from the “mentor with LOUSY success rate” box.

My clients are doing this by working on their Money Wound…and not just attracting MORE but BETTER Discovery Sessions!

➢You are a walking magnet for “I can’t afford it”, “it’s too expensive” or worse…the “disappearing act” folks. It happens over and over again, which means it IS a pattern, one you don’t understand that is rooted in the Money Wound.

Until you not just get it, but experience something different, it will keep coming back for regular visits bringing along with it all the undesirable things that follow

➢You have to translate “what you DO” into the language your premium clients are WAITING to hear so that you can PRE-sell working with you, BEFORE they meet you [this is the art of “on the spot YES” Discovery Sessions] and it doesn’t happen naturally, in fact it’s well PREmeditated.

And you know it’s not just about that, but about the business where you can make the biggest impact…and you can’t do that if you don’t reach enough of YOUR people or if they keep passing you by with a bunch of excuses!

See you on the other side of your $10K…week!

Sazzu Hope