How to turn your VISIBILITY from plain [boring] vanilla to a gourmet delicacy that turns your clients ON

Do you want to know the “secret recipe” to turn your  VISIBILITY from plain [boring] vanilla to a gourmet delicacy that turns your clients ON? [and transforms their NO into a YES…EVERY time]

<<Sharing some insights to help you see exactly why VISIBILITY doesn’t work… no matter how many strategies you’ve tried or how many people “like” your post>>

*Get visible, get clients*
*Get more visible through video*
*Being visible online*
*Move through your visibility issues and be seen*

Type “visible” in any entrepreneur FB Group search box and you’ll see what I mean.

That word is EVERYWHERE, coloring each page with the same message…

What’s worse is the MEANING behind the word OR what you actually understand when you hear it.

Visibility has been associated with RESULTS. It’s synonym is SUCCESS for an online entrepreneur…meaning all you need is people to see your stuff for you to get clients.


BUT… if you think about it, this is along the lines of the “If you build it, they will come” crap that business owners of all makes and sizes have been fed for decades putting statistics at 9/10 failing, so that clearly is not working.

“But Sazzuuu…, there are a lot more people on FB so it has to work right?”

Well, that just means your clients are already HERE and no matter how “visible” you try to get, they STILL can’t see you! More is not the answer.

Plain visibility [like plain sex] may have worked for you before when you were 19, but it sure feels BORING now and…and your clients feel the same way.

And love, nobody buys boring, clicks on boring, or swoons over boring…which means that you’re leaving at least 100K on the table over the next 100 days with your plain sex visibility! 😉

How come? Because that client that is SO READY to say yes to your +$10K program will pass you by all day every day, and think you’re Casper the friendly ghost.

Want a perfectly IRONIC example? Look back at any and all those visibility posts on your FB Groups! They ALL sound exactly the same and talk about the same stuff. There is no individuality in them whatsoever!

It’s a bit hilarious if you really think about it.

And that’s the biggest problem here isn’t it?

Visibility in a sea of SAME = INVISIBILITY

There’s no YOU…no connection, and definitely no AUTHORITY because you haven’t blown their mind and changed their opinion about something with your ONE tiny post.

You just reiterated what they already know. MORE boring!

This is not about your message, about not being consistent or about posting at all. All those things are important…but more important still is the HOW and the WHY and the WHO and the WHAT that you’re missing.

This is THE thing that will distinguish you from all the other coaches… This is your gourmet delicacy of sex that makes you anything BUT boring.

And when it comes to those big sales that you’re looking for (consistently), your personality and connection with your clients will be THE thing that will close the deal.

It makes no sense if you want to attract YOUR people and at the same time you’re hiding who you are and your genius.

It goes along with being ready to bring your people into YOUR world and BLOW their f*cking minds with one tiny post, creating authority seamlessly and pre-selling them instantly…

And THEN your business will become FUN again, not forced, and definitely soul rewarding…the reason it isn’t now is because the results aren’t there, not because you’re not sure about your purpose or the direction you’re taking. Trust me!

Forget about all that visibility stuff that you’ve been taught and take a step into your business, selling HIGHER than anyone else around you. Even without their version of visibility!