How to tame your “One step forward, TWO steps back” wild income into a profitable, debt-chewing [docile] puppy with just ONE step

Can I show you how to tame your “One step forward, TWO steps back” wild income into a profitable, debt-chewing [docile] puppy with just ONE step

[for you if your massive BOOKED business is hiding an EMPTY bank account + pain in the ass clients who back out AFTER signing, pay with MONTHS of delay or just…ask for a REFUND]

You know when something feels REALLY off? As much as you try to put on a bandaid to make it better the real damage is lurking underneath…needing surgery.

This is what happens when you follow advice from well-intended coaches, mentors and a whole industry with broken results that on the surface look FULL with promises, but underneath are…EMPTY.

Giving you more of the same:

Empty results,

Unfulfilling (empty) work, and…

Empty bank accounts.

And worst of all… the same is happening with your clients.

Zero multiplied by your good intentions and hard work = ZERO folks

I don’t have to tell you what this does to your self-esteem and confidence do I?

And you know why this is happening?

You keep being someone else and not…YOU.

It’s one of my 5 rules I teach each of my clients. And I’m not hiding them. They’re right there in my business page for the world to see. You can check that out later 🙂

Trade secret? Not really…what IS secret is how to transform all the things you want like:

➢ Getting clients who actually do the work, trust YOU and pay the $10K fee your service deserves gratefully
➢ Fulfilling work that feels like you, not you acting like something you’re NOT helping your clients with business tasks that are not your purpose…even if you may be “good” at it
➢ $30K Months that leave you with $20K Cash for you to play with 😉
➢ Becoming a real authority/leader in your field that can demand and create her own reality!
It’s not secret because I’m not telling you…I just did. But because you have no freaking clue what to do with it.

And all that confusion is giving you the yoyo results across all areas of your business but ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling & delivering results to clients.

Listen, anyone can sell and have a great month in booked business, but only you working as you’re meant to work can deliver the outstanding results to your clients…and finish with both of you having HIGH cash months.

When you stop conforming and doing all the “right” things and you start seeing how exactly this is showing up and WHY, you can see movement.

Not the slow type that takes you mechanically from creating a free gift, building your list, then selling single sessions, working with all the wrong clients to finally making $3K for 2 years before you can reach $10K…

And I’m not talking $10K months here…I’m talking about a $10K SALE!

Without your confusion the $10K Clients find YOU!

Not in your dreams, not by doing more spending hours working really hard on your next program… in your RESULTS. Your results is the only place that counts!

It transforms the hours and even days it takes you to write an “ok” FB post to… 30 minutes twice a week for the type of post you can’t even begin to write now.

You know, the type that creates a list of YOUR ready-to-buy-awesome-results people waiting to work with you.

If you’re doing everything “right” and it’s not…then there is a problem.

A problem called you not being YOU, teaching what you’re meant to teach, exactly how you’re meant to teach it…and reaching YOUR people YOUR way.

Oh yea, and the heaping pile of shit you’re sitting on that needs to be cleaned up that’s fogging up your vision.

Enter MOI

This is where I do my best work. Call them colonics for your business! 😉

I can see you clearly.

I know when you’re telling the truth, when you’re lying to yourself, and when the solution you came up with is brass pretending to be gold…lurking underneath your Money Wound.

You not seeing you is the biggest problem you have…solved when you have someone else doing the looking.

And I want to not only SEE you but also tell you exactly:

➢ Why your lack of “brag worthy” testimonials is the BEST thing ever, showing you right now WHERE to find your first $10,000 client

➢ The why behind the WHY you are working 24/7, posting and liking endless posts, delivering webinars only you + your peers attend while SHE posts THAT one post and coughs out a $30K MONTH out of nothing…EVERY month [Plus see how my client just broke through and cashed her first $15K client doing this…]

➢ How your fear to unveil your spiritual gifts & come out of the Spiritual Closet with your business is keeping your $20K, $30K or even $50K MONTHS always JUST out of your reach…even if you’re NOT a business coach!

➢ Why helping people with their business [when you secretly hate parts of it] instead of doing what you have been called to do is keeping you settling for crumbs when you could have the whole delicious made-to-order cake

THIS is what you are not seeing, or worse, experiencing [which is what really changes the game!]

The worst thing to try and do is surgery on yourself. You can put on that bandaid you love so much but you already knows where that gets you…where you are right now.

My clients are seeing $15K in weeks, getting THEIR clients $10K and even doubling, tripling or quadrupling their PRICES. EPIC, fuck ordinary.

If you want to go FLY past everyone else going about business as usual, then knowing what kind of surgery you need is the first place to start.

See you on the other side!