How to go from $60K in DEBT to $10K/Month…to a $10K SALE…Quickly!

Let me share to you the secret on How to go from $60K in DEBT to $10K/Month…to a $10K SALE…Quickly!

There were all these rules, rules that I believed (and followed) for my first two years in business…

➢You need a beautiful website with an awesome free gift, and lots of opt-in boxes
➢You need 5,000 people on your list to hit six figures…and make $10K/Month…and beyond
➢You need endless photoshoots and some expensive branding to justify charging your high-end fee
➢You need people in your community for MONTHS before they will pay you a high end fee
➢You need to have 2 or even 3 calls before a client invests a serious amount of money with you

…Then in my third year of business, I decided to SKIP all that and go straight to being successful. Why make it hard right? 😉

I started creating my own rules that would get me to consistent $10K Months and Six Figures quickly.

And it worked!

And this is exactly what my clients are doing TOO. They’re looking at all the rules they’re following blindly, and re-creating their business in a way that works for them, without limitations!

BUT…yes, there is a but…you can’t see it, and a lot of these rules seem to make sense to you now, and have even worked for you once in a while, but all they’re doing is hiding underneath the TRUTH you can’t see for yourself that is creating all this madness to begin with.


And it’s hiding underneath every rule, every excuse, every priority, every purpose, and every good thing there is about you…using it all as camouflage in such a way that whenever you think you’ve grasped it, it slips through your fingers thinner than water, leaving no trace behind and you none the wiser.

What happens when you get it?

Well, one of my clients taking the Money Wound Makeover course, just closed 2 brand new clients, people that she had never even talked to who PAID her on the call, no questions asked. This had NEVER occurred to her being possible.

And another, in her 3rd week of my Money Wound Makeover Program got her first international client, prices RAISED, and even received a check in the mail for $5K that brought her her first ever close to 5 Figure DAY! Not week, not month, but DAY!

And let’s not talk about the crazy UP leveling they have all done, understanding themselves and seeing their abilities to create business from a completely different place, it’s like MAGIC if you believe in that sort of thing, TRUTH if you can finally see with open eyes.

Where they it all start? For them AND you [if you want it], with their complimentary Money Wound Makeover!

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This is a session where I go deep into the very specific way the Money Wound is working through you to stop you, that is showing up in your results, and exactly what needs to happen if you want to be free of it once and for all.

In exchange I promise you this, if I feel that this would be a good fit, I may invite you into my upcoming Money Wound Makeover Program starting in February…the one that my clients are in now and are getting such amazing results!

If you’re not, I will do my best to point you in a direction that will help you NOW. I don’t like wasting your time or mine. We have to make the most of ALL we have!

Either way, you will have the opportunity to see WHAT is happening, WHY it keeps stopping you, and HOW you can use it to take the next step without income-blocking rules!

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I definitely look forward to hearing from you!

To your success, waiting for you on the other side!