How to Get 4 Women to Sign Up for Your High-End Program with Close to ZERO Marketing…not Once but TWICE!

Do you want to know the steps in getting 4 Women to Sign Up for Your High-End Program with Close to ZERO Marketing…not Once but TWICE!

Mystery solved…and I want you to see the WHY behind why this works, no matter what your field is, how hard it’s been for you to get clients [so far], or even if you are still thinking you need things such as a big list or funnels…

[YOU DON’T!!!]

Let’s get to it…there is one thing that sells your programs like Ice Cream on a 100*F day [that’s 37.8*C for my Euro peeps… or anywhere else basically ;)]

What is it?


Results will sell anything. They speak louder than you screaming all day on FB and louder than any type of convincing you to feel you want to do in your Sales Calls to get the sale.

And if you don’t have the results NOW, that’s a major problem.

FIRST…you don’t see where results come from in your business, and that is causing them to keep slipping through your finger like water.

I know this because if you DID know, you’d be doing just that and seeing that reflected in your bank account…and your clients!

SECOND… because you don’t know what is actually happening that you aren’t getting results. Instead of doing the things that bring in results, you keep doing things that are distracting your progress…and you don’t even know it!

Just think of the amount of time you’ve spent trying to figure this out. You may be a little closer…but are you where you thought you would be by now?

I bet you’re thinking that I’ve got it backward or am too forwards. How can you get results [i.e. clients] without results [i.e. your clients’ results], then?

The truth is that when you keep looking at the problem this closely you’re bound to keep bumping your head against the 10-Foot-Thick-Invisible-Glass-Wall and give yourself a concussion.

If you step back a little, you will see that all these things giving you a deathly headache are not the problem…they’re just a symptom.

So how do you both get results and GIVE results at the same time?

You need the EXPERIENCE of results!

Have you noticed that you’ll make decisions all the time based on how you feel?

It’s pretty much instantaneous. This is what you do…with food, with what pants you will wear, even with what toilet paper you’re going to buy 😉

You’ll also do it with HOW you’re bringing in money into your business…or the rules you’re following that show you what to do…and if they’re not working…well…..

The only way to bypass it is by FEELING what it’s like to get results FIRST, and use that feeling to both get results and give results NOW. It becomes automatic. The feeling changes you…and guess what…YOU are the real cause in this equation.

Want proof!? Ask 4 of my clients who just went through the Money Wound Makeover: Healing with Money program!

Lex used the energy of an exercise she did to close her biggest sale…like EVER!

Agustina experienced what it was like to be a mentor and gained the confidence to sell 2 – $7K programs doubling her biggest month EVER in her business.

Daniella experienced sales in a completely new way and closed 2 new clients she had never even known before, giving her her biggest month in business!

Dez experienced money completely differently, then attracted a hell of a lot of it…that would be $11K total from all different sources, including her business, giving her her very first international client!

They ALL experienced the result FIRST, then created it…and are GIVING IT to their clients. It’s instantaneous!

Your behavior affects the results you AND your clients get. If you’re not stepping up into your mentor, that is what you’re now seeing in your LACK of results…delaying EVERYTHING!

And if you for a second think that they are different than you, think again. First and foremost, they all had different types of businesses, were in different places in their entrepreneurial journey…but they all had the SAME problem…with MULA aka Money.

Have I mentioned how all of them felt getting clients was so damn hard? YUP, they thought so. Not anymore! And NONE had to get a huge list or create a funnel to do it. It happened, and in just 4 weeks!

What I teach inside of this program is…well, it’s hard to describe myself, but I’ll let the ladies say it for me…

Money is the foundation of EVERYTHING in your life and it’s also the biggest wound you’re carrying around with you…and getting clients is your way to transforming it.

There is no reason why you can’t fill your programs easily, doing what you already know to do, by having a completely different experience!

Want me to show you?

I have space this week for a few more Money Wound Makeover Sessions…they’re complimentary and they get you the INSIGHT and CLARITY into what is actually happening with your Money Wound AKA how your Money Wound is f*cking with you 😉

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If this hasn’t convinced you, then hear this…

I just finished beta-testing this program. Out of 4 people in it, 4 got at least 250% ROI, 100% results, each shaved 2 years off their Learning Curve, and between them in just 4 weeks, they made over $32,000!!!

I hope you get a spot into the best investment you’ll ever make this year and for the rest of your life…

Transformation comes at a price…your commitment. Are you ready?

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Life will NEVER be the same.

Love, Sazzu

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