How “I can’t afford it” Sessions is exactly what you asked the Universe IF you fear taking Responsibility for your RESULTS

Do you want to see the how “I can’t afford it” Sessions is exactly what you asked the Universe IF you fear taking Responsibility for your RESULTS

It’s easy to see what you say you want because you’ve been in the biggest, over the top wrestling match with you business since day one…even when things are so called “good”.

What you want…simply…is more Money & Clients.

What you’re getting? Well…more Money & Clients! Just not the way you want it!

It’s like asking Santa for a vacation to a house on the beach and him sending you the basement floor of a house on a beach… in Maryland or North Carolina.


Not exactly what you were expecting, and YET exactly what you asked for no?

So for you… maybe you get more money doing work that you don’t want to do, single sessions that don’t pay that much, or even manifest a call for a J.O.B. in an office…Grrrrr! 😉

And the clients… maybe you get more crappy discovery sessions and clients who are always too demanding, low bawlers and the infamous “I can’t afford” it conversations that rip out your heart every time.

Let me tell you what’s missing so you don’t have to keep pulling out your hair. Baldness is not cute on anyone [except maybe my boyfriend ;)]

You’re missing one key ingredient…and that is BELIEF…in your results…and your clients’ results too btw.

What that looks like?

– Belief that your clients can be high-paying clients, awesome to work with, and get extraordinary results.

One of my clients got more single-session clients without doing a thing, because that’s how she was used to getting more money…[and fortunately also attracted ONE high-paying client – building her belief]

– Belief that they can show up doing the things that you love to do, in the way you love to do them.

Another client got a super high paying client [10K], yet not exactly the way she had been expecting it or working towards it…showing that money can only come the way she’s used to.

– Belief that you can claim your part in your clients’ results and nothing more [or less] because you know it’s theirs more or as much as yours.

A client had been having a hard time speaking about her results and the second she did, she started being able to attract higher paying clients [I’m talking 7K higher!]

And here is the thing… that Belief can NOT be tainted by Fear in any shape or form and here’s why.

You have a hell of a lot more practice with fear, it’s almost like your lifelong FRENEMY, always coming to your rescue…yet rescuing you from the BEST situations rather than the worst.

That means that if there’s a fight between FAITH and FEAR, you know which one will win!

Whatever has the strongest BELIEF wins, and for you my love, it’s painting a pretty crappy picture of minuses and just enoughs and never of MORE, the way you want it!

So all you have to do is change your belief right?


Right because it’s true… yet easier said than done!

Wrong because belief doesn’t just happen in your head (where your fear also lives), it happens in your actions…and in your RESULTS!
If you don’t have the belief that you can have those results the way you want them…GET IT!

From yourself if you can [but history says you can’t]

Or from someone else that can hold that BIGGER space for you that you can’t YET hold for yourself.
…Because right now, you’re not getting it, and that’s showing in your results.

Your results are the only proof you need and the only one you can count on 😉

See you on the other side!