How 3 inches can be the difference between the Life and Death of your business

Can I tell you  how 3 inches can be the difference between the Life and Death of your business…and what this means about where you’re going NOW!

It’s easy to fork a path with a vision board, visualizing or even journaling daily to keep your desire front and center…much harder it is to take the steps to get “there”.

The problem is that once you start moving, the road doesn’t look as clear. That vision gets blurry, that desire seems to change, and YOU, darrrling, seem to STALL.

It’s like magic, the clarity you seemed to have, the certainty, the conviction and even the commitment goes POOF!

The magic trick is not that it disappears, it’s that it always seems to happen 3 inches away from that big SOMETHING that you’re looking for.

It feels within your grasp, so darn close to…the clients, the cash, and even the confidence to get whatever the hell you want!

Just as you’re about to break-through, the energy gets high, you get uncomfortable with the stretch those last few inches, and SOMETHING happens to hold you back.

It could be a family drama, your health, a new strategy that promises to get you there easier and faster, a new inspiration…all in all… it comes in the form of distractions!

And here you are 3 months [or 3 years] later, still 3 inches away from the LIFE or DEATH of your business, waiting for your unwavering decision to keep yourself going just those final stretches until you can see the real result.

Here is the problem…3 inches away isn’t much, it’s not even the length of your hand, but it might as well be MARS for your understanding of what that means.

You don’t get what it actually takes to stretch yourself just enough to reach and TAKE that result you’ve been looking for, dreaming about, and envisioning for like EVER.

You know why you don’t know?

Because it requires looking at the stuff within YOU that you don’t want to see. The wound you have around that piece, generally having to do with MONEY, that is hiding itself in plain sight.

That’s why it holds the life or death of your business in its grasp. Staying continuing allowing yourself to be distracted every time you get close, you might as well shoot your business in the head right the hell now.

But if you’re willing to pull, and search, and stretch, and find, and push yourself just that little bit further, deeper, you don’t have to pull a muscle or frustrate yourself to tears to finally “get it”.

Here is the perfect opportunity, to uncover the very specific way your Money Wound is distracting you from what you want, and HOW it’s operating within you to keep you in the same place, and with the same results.

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Here is one of the truths that you don’t YET want to see, hiding in plain sight: Your business, just like we all are, is either living (growing) or dying. Nothing stays still!

If you’ve been getting the same results, experiencing the same patterns with Money and Clients that have you tired of the way things are going, the underlying reason is, like I said, closer than you think.

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I’m testing your commitment here, to yourself, and to the LIFE of your business. Will you allow yourself to stop another 3 inches away…from your biggest results?

I can’t wait to see what you decide, and maybe I’ll see you there on the other side.


PS. Here is what some of my clients had to say about their experience with coming face to face with their Money Wound Makeover: