Reaching the top, what happens next? – Video from Extreme Hiking Adventure at Waihilau Falls

Hello darrrling!

This week I have something really special to share with you, besides for some really juicy tips that will really help you gain some perspective on what creating prosperity can be like and some of the pitfalls that we as women tend to fall into when we are well on our way!

The first thing I want to share with you is a video I shot in Hawaii which was the most exciting and exhilarating moment of my entire trip. This was not something planned, it was completely unexpected. It happened by invitation from one day to the next. It was also something that I had never done and something that scared me silly…but that is not something that I will allow to stop me now will it? ūüėČ

(Want so see some really amazing pictures of the this adventure? Go to the end of this article!)

Now on to the article…

There are three types of goals that people generally have and each affects the bigger goal:

There is the immediate goal. These tend to be goals that you have a need or a deep desire for that should happen within the next 1-3 months. It can even be within the next week! An example can be to manifest support in your business (finding the right person), or losing 5-10lbs, or making a specific amount of money. When you are looking at a specific goal, whether small, medium or large, you want to know that you are going towards it from a place of abundance rather than fear and that the results that you are demanding (of yourself and the universe) are your ideal and not what you think you can get!

The second type of goal is a medium goal for a specific project or result that you are seeking within the next year or so. Sometimes these extend to 5 years depending on the length and complexity of the goal. If you are giving yourself 5 years, really look at why you are extending this goal so much. 1 year should be enough for you to move through and achieve one big area in your life.

The third type is your lifetime goal. What is it that you want to achieve by the end of your life. You can see that from this perspective and if you are working backwards, the 1-5 year goal as well as the 1-3mos goal both affect the lifetime goal. Sometimes all we need to get back on track is to do a quick check in and see if the goals that we are setting are in alignment with the lifetime goals that we want to achieve.

Why am I going into all of this and why is it important??

There are actually a few reasons… The first one being the fact that it is ubber important that you keep your eye on the ball (lifetime goal) when making decisions that have immediate consequences in your life. If you have not done so already,¬†you should have a little chat with yourself to find out what those are or schedule an Acceleration: Purpose & Prosperity Strategy Call with me here!

The second reason is that every decision, and every goal should be aligned with your purpose in order for you to feel the level of fulfillment that is going to make you feel like you achieved something at the end of your life. And not even that long, when you are not doing what you love in the EXACT way that calls to you, you start to sag and things start to become more difficult than they need to. Did I mention that your income starts suffering too?? If you are not feeling passion and excitement while working on your business, then that is saying that it is time for a tune up! (You are going to start hearing from me more about purpose in the next few months!)

The third is, I feel, one of the most important points in this article. I could talk about this forever! It is that point when you actually accomplish a goal or in other words, you reach the top and then you start to lose momentum! You slack, you feel like you ‚Äúdid it‚ÄĚ and in that moment you are missing a great opportunity. You are slowing down just as the universe is speeding up, bringing you things faster. It is time to use that energy to create even more miracles in your life! This is the time for you to keep focused on that medium goal or the lifetime goal and keep going! This is the point that that 5 year goal will ACTUALLY turn into 1 year, very easily and effortlessly because you are using the energies that are available around you!

So what happens next is definitely up to you. You could slow down and lose speed, or you can keep that momentum and get to your next level a lot faster! This will guarantee a higher level of success, ease and lifestyle for you! The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

How Expanding & Contracting Can Throw You OFF Your Game

Hiya darrrling!
I am so excited to be back! After a long hiatus and well-deserved break I am coming back better than ever. The trip in Hawaii was amazing. I got to meet so many amazing women, explore the Big Island in style, and be in nature more than I have been in years!
My break from writing was a personal decision I had to make for myself and my business, in order to gain clarity on my next level.¬†We have been growing, expanding and experiencing new levels and with that, there always come a ‚Äúcontracting‚ÄĚ process.
I really want to explain what this means so that you understand how it works. This is a HUGE part of my coaching, not only with clients but also with myself.¬†Below I am sharing with you a video from my trip to HAWAII, as I was going through the process so you get an idea of what that may look like.¬†In the video I also ask you some questions that if you’re able to answer for yourself, you will be that much closer to the clarity you are seeking to reach your next level.

First I want to define what the expansion looks like. So, expansion is part of an experience and process that you go through whenever there are things that are causing you to grow. The energy feels very much as if you were putting your arms out and just feeling it come from inside of you and moving out of your body towards the world. Examples of expansion can be things like going to an event, finding a potential partner, loosing a ton of weight, or something as simple as being excited about an upcoming trip!
The contraction is the exact opposite. You have something that causes you to want to go inwards, to seek comfort and the energy feels like you want to go in the direction of your heart. Many times with this energy you will want to go into the fetal position in bed (or on the floor if it is a really bad one!).
Contraction examples are different because they can be positive or negative. You can contract in healthy ways like journaling, meditating, sleeping, taking a bath, or anything that brings the energy and focus on you. Negative ones can be binging on food, undoing all the work you did on yourself so you can feel ‚Äúcomfortable‚ÄĚ, getting angry at someone when the contracting energy feels like too much, etc.
If you’re not aware of how these energies work and how to use them to your benefit, you will end up going into sabotaging mechanisms that can really throw you off your game.
So here is what you need to do in 3 easy steps!
Step 1. Understand that these energies are everywhere in your life. You experience contraction and expansion all the time, you may just not be consciously¬†aware¬†of how the Contraction/Expansion Mechanism‚ĄĘ¬†works, so it has been doing damage without your understanding of how to use it.
Step 2. Create a plan for healthy ways of using the contraction when the expansion shows up or is planned in your life for things like trips/events/wedding?? ūüėȬ†Make up your mind¬†that you will need to push yourself to expand when you experience a contraction coming from outside sources like your car just stopped working or the call you had with that prospective client was the worst experience of your life!
Step 3. Make it your new normal! It only happens through consistent action. Create the habits and make up your mind that you know EXACTLY what to do when this type of situation shows up. Soon you will be the master of your life and every situation will be under your loving control.
Vibrantly yours,
Sazzu Hope