Why Working Hard May Be a Way of Running Away…from Yourself!

We all fall into default patterns. It’s our automatic, our normal, our comfort zone. Whatever you may call it, we have it in many areas of our lives.

When we are living in that space, we end up hurting ourselves, either immediately, or over a long period of time… slowly.

We don’t even notice either way, because we’re so used to being in this space that getting results this way feels normal, and sometimes it can even feel good. It can also feel like you’re winning, when in the end, you end up loosing.

I did this with my body a few years ago. I got into running quite often and even ran some races in central park and around NYC. I was having a blast with my running group, pushing myself to the limit…and I hurt my hips because of it.

Tweet This Button You see, the normal doesn’t have to be calm and steady, it can even be a form of pushing that feels almost counter intuitive, but it’s there…and it’s very real. 


Why does this happen?

For me, my default was working harder and doing more. Whenever I go into that space, I know that I am living life disengaged, and I start getting whatever I can get.

Tweet This Button Sometimes your default pattern may look like success on the outside. However, on the inside it won’t feel that way.


For example, I was completing races and earning praise from my team, however, I knew that my body was suffering and I quieted that voice inside me that wanted to have a beautiful body without pain.

As women, we may do this for many reasons. The main one that I’ve found is a way of running away from yourself, your truth and your desires.

So even when it looks like you’re “working” towards them, you are getting whatever you can get by not engaging with yourself and your truth.

Woah, hold up! How does that even relate?

Tweet This ButtonVery simple. None of us thrive on working hard when there is no balance, with no fulfillment in your lifestyle and life interests.


I know that that is not the only way, and in fact, it’s definitely not the way of many women business owners that feel that working hard is the only way to their success. 

Yet I know for a fact that  you can have your cake and eat it too, and that is something that I regularly support women with by creating a Lifestyle Business.

So how can you turn this around?

Instead of going into guilt for what you are NOT doing, how about using your patterns (of working hard and doing too much) as an opportunity to show you where you need to put energy and reconnect with yourself and your desires.

These patterns can show you how you can reengage, and you can use them to start receiving more Time Freedom and your Lifestyle Business.

If you’re interested in seeing other ways that you may be Resisting vs. Receiving, come to my live call on the 19th at 1pm ET! Click on the banner below to sign up!

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Now it’s your turn! Comment below! If you were to release your pattern of working hard while creating more success, how would that change your life?

Stay vibrant,


How to let go of guilt & take back control of your time…

The other day I was speaking with a couple of my friends and they were complaining about a family event they had that they felt obligated to go to.

This, believe it or not, is a normal routine for them. They get the invitation, they bitch and moan about it, dread it until the day comes, then they drag themselves to whatever the event is, hate being there, ruin their whole day by the exercise, and then complain about it afterwards for a while.


What is this all about?

Tweet This ButtonWhy would intelligent, absolutely wonderful people feel the need to torture themselves and waste their time and energy doing things that they don’t want to do?


I was asking myself this question for a long time as I kept seeing it over and over not only with my friends, but also in many of my private clients. I wanted to find out some of the effects that Saying YES when you mean NO can have on you if you just choose to accept that “this is just the way it is!”

So, let’s look at those real quick!

  • First of all, you waste a lot of your precious time that you could be using to put together a Lifestyle Business strategy you absolutely love or in connection with people you would actually love to be around,
  • You waste a lot of your energy, as doing things you don’t like to do typically drains you!
  • You keep yourself in worry and anxiety, two very low emotions that take a lot of very good ones to turn it around,
  • You seriously lower your vibration through your feelings, making yourself less able to act as your highest self and manifesting the things you desire in your life and business
  • You are reinforcing to yourself (and everyone around you) that it’s ok to do things that you don’t love to do, that are not your highest standard

All of these are important. However, today, let’s focus on the first point here…your precious wasted time .

If we put it all on the table, why do we really do this?

Tweet This ButtonWhat makes us still say YES when we know that our answer is clearly a big fat NO!?


It all comes down to two emotions, GUILT AND SHAME! Guilt because otherwise we will feel bad that we let someone down based on expectations that OTHERS have about us. Shame because if we don’t do what is expected, then others will say mean and nasty things about us which make us feel bad about yourselves.

On a very primal level, if we avoid Guilt and Shame, we avoid being lonely and being excluded from the tribe, having to fend for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, we all do this. It really is more about finding where in our lives are we giving in to Guilt and Shame and letting it go than to go into Guilt that this is happening! 😉

I recently found myself making a long list of gifts that I felt somewhat obligated to get for people while I was traveling.

I realized what I was doing and I chose to continue because it did bring me some joy in doing it. However, I also made myself a promise never to do that again.


“But Sazzu, I get this when it comes to friends, but I can’t with my family because…”

Listen, I totally get it. However, so long as you stay in that place of doing things to please other people, it’s going to be hard to live a lifestyle business that is really fulfilling to you. This is something that we can help you create, and quickly.

And what about the expectations that you have about yourself? Don’t they count and just as much?

By asking yourself some very key questions and answering them honestly for yourself, you can open up to many possibilities and start living a completely different life, where you take back full control of your time.

Will you try it and let me know how it goes in the comments below?

There Really IS Such a Thing as Time Consciousness!?

Time Consciousness Blog Post Image

I remember when I first started my own company hearing about Wealth Consciousness left and right. It was everywhere!

People were reading books like Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, and The Big Leap. Lucky for me I was one of those people! 😉


Because I stumbled upon a small golden chapter within the pages of The Big Leap that talked about Einstein Time and that changed everything for me.

I have shared before that up to a few years ago I was always late. Everywhere! I would have been late to my own birthday party had I not started working on my time consciousness!

That chapter was so simple. It made it sound like a piece of cake. I tried it and within 3 months I stopped being late.

I put of my part, leaving home earlier, giving myself enough time. But other things were happening also!

Trains would always show up at the right time. When I was running a few minutes behind the person I was meeting was running a few minutes behind too. Overall, I felt really good about my on-time persona! I am still living the miracle of that change now!

This also opened a door for me in other areas. Structuring, organization, scheduling, even planned family and friends time was all in it’s right place and time. This allowed me to be more, do more, and have more in my business!


I say that because when I start talking about all of these things that obviously tickle my fancy,  that’s what I hear from most entrepreneurs.

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Listen, you are managing your time whether you want it or not. Make making the most of it a priority for you!


Wouldn’t you rather make the most of it and get unbelievable results while you’re at it?

I would say YES to that any day of the week!

So what does it really take? This past month I’ve been sharing some really awesome tips, that I really hope you’re implementing. These are going to take it even deeper to the heart of the problem.

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I say heart because I truly believe that mindset is about 90% of the work.


If you have the Time Consciousness piece down, everything else that comes along with it will feel much easier to you. Which means that you will get a lot more out of it.

What is more? More clients, more money, more freedom!

So here are 3 insights that I have been practicing now for a few years, to help you on your way.

No. 1 I already talked about. That is Being on Time. How does it happen? You have to believe that you are always on time. You have to demand from the universe that you be on time. You have to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier! What is it going to take?

No. 2. Release the belief that Time Consciousness and Structures will pigeon-hold you into some position that you do not desire. This is going to give you the freedom of a Lifestyle Business! Imagine traveling to Thailand or Paris or Costa Rica with your laptop whenever you want. You can create what that lifestyle means to you!

No. 3. Avoid the 3 Traps that Women Coaches fall into that lead them to be stuck outside of the Vibrant Lifestyle Business that they got into business for in the first place!

To help you out with no.3, I have created a really awesome training that gives you much more information than I can put in this short article. What are the 3 traps? Well…I really want you to access the call to find out.

Without the proper context, it will be difficult for you to absorb the depth of that content and start implementing it. I, of course, want you to have everything you need to keep moving forward. So will you join us?

You can get Instant Access to the training by clicking here!

See you there!

Stay Vibrant,

Sazzu Hope

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