Week 1/4 behind the scenes of my $10K Launch: Picking a Launch Topic Your Clients Will Love

Some women have been asking me what I do in my High-End Launch. I actually teach my clients the precise exact system I use to launch my services in my Time Freedom Sequence Program.

However, today and during the next 4 weeks, I want to give you an inside look at my $10K Launch, so you can then use that information to prepare and tweak your own.

Today I will cover the first step I take before I do absolutely anything else in my launch. And that is, pick the TOPIC!

This is something that affects everything else that I do during the campaign, so it’s important to pay attention to it.

In the video I go over just HOW exactly I pick my topics for my High-End launches, what is my biggest motivator, and how going with the flow typically leads to more success in my business.

I choose to pick something different most months, because that keeps the content fresh and alive for my ideal clients, and gives those that are always on the free calls but haven’t bought yet, more reason to keep coming…and eventually convert into a high-paying client.

Once you watch the video, tell me what you think. I would love to hear your comments below on your launch topic and how YOU pick them!
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PS. Next week…It’s all about something that is going to save you quite a bit of time when you’re putting together your high-end launch so you don’t have to recreate everything from scratch. If you want to receive the next email on  your inbox, sign up below!

I was terrified of choosing this + How to go full out for what you really desire!

Most people have a really hard time deciding what they want. The main reason being that they have so many judgments about it that they end up stopping themselves before even voicing it to themselves, let alone the world.

When my mentor told me in front of a room of hundreds of people to dream bigger, I wasn’t able to get it for a few months. It wasn’t that I wasn’t dreaming big, it was that it wasn’t big enough for where I was at that point. To a certain extent, I was terrified of choosing something bigger! What if I wasn’t ready?

So how do you really know what’s enough for you? Is there a limit on living your desires? Is there such a thing as too much?

Today I want to go a bit deeper into these questions and perhaps support you in bringing clarity to what you are currently desiring.

Your desires may need to be bigger like mine, or perhaps smaller. Either way you will get to connect with your truth and feel what’s right for you right now!

So how do you know what’s enough? When it comes to opening up to abundance, you will always receive as much as you’re ready for in that moment. There is no limit to our desires except for the one we put on ourselves!

One simple way that you can see this is by identifying who you’re being. Are you being the woman that makes $10K/month? Does she have the systems & structures that support her in making that money? Are her decisions and mindset right to par? Are you allowing sabotage to come into your life and prevent you from being, doing and having more?

If who you’re being is showing up less than what you need to be, then you know where  you might be falling short!

This is also another thing that I’ve seen happening… If you’re desiring too much and you haven’t yet become that woman and you can’t identify with who she needs to be, it will be hard to summon that vision forward because you have no basis for it.

The thing that you can do in this instance is connect with your desire! Pick a goal that feels exciting and achievable for you now and go for it with all you got! Then when you get there quickly (and you will!) then choose the next level that you were wanting in the first place.

So today, I am going to encourage you to pick a goal and because my focus is on Time & Money, I want you to give yourself a financial goal with a deadline! Then I want you to think about where can you step further into the shoes of that woman?

Is she missing a kick-ass marketing calendar? Or perhaps a Launch System that automatically runs the business? Or is it really identifying how to know what to choose to improve and where you need to be doing more research?

If so, then get to work! This is your time darrrling! I know you can make it happen! And if you want to shrink the timeline, you definitely want to come to my Sequencing Sales training where I go over two of the most essential pieces of the Launch which are the Marketing Calendar and Testing & Research, happening Thursday, May 14th & May 21st. You can sign up by going here: http://sazzuhope.com/sequencingsales

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The Sneaky Way You Cheat Yourself Out of Making a Difference and Making Money

Have you ever started a project, gotten excited about it, and then somewhere between the deep knowing of what it can do for the world and what it has the potential to do for your bank account, you started sinking into the perfection box?

I have!

OMG, the stories I told myself. I was so damn convincing! Well of course I HAD to do that thing this way or that way… and of course nobody would buy if I didn’t finish this and this and this before I launched my new program, and on and on…

The honest truth was that I was in hiding. YEP, you heard me! I was hiding from the truth of the impact that I could have been making in women’s lives…and in my own. My ego always loved making it all about me rather than the people I was meant to be helping!

Tweet This Button One of my mentors once told me “Your ego can only win if it has your agreement.” 


Well…I was agreeing, alright. Not only that, I was my ego’s personal cheerleader AND sympathy coach, all in one.

I see this happen with women all the time just as I saw it in myself a couple of years ago. They play way too small because the Perfection Box doesn’t allow them to grow, especially when it comes to receiving money.

In other words, perfection keeps them boxed in at a certain level and you can only break free when you make up your mind that you’ve had ENOUGH by ripping that f**** box apart! 😉

Tweet This ButtonI have written about perfection before because it’s one of those things that will really destroy everything that you consciously are looking to build.


So what does the perfection box really look like?

1. The I have to get it right syndrome. This one is the most known to people when they think about perfection. In your mind, you keep telling yourself stories that it has to look a certain way, feel a certain way, or be a certain way before you can put it out there.

2. The I have to do every task in my never-ending to do list before I can do the thing I really need to do syndrome. This one is sneakier because it has to do most with perfection in the way that it’s going to feel rather than the way that it’s going to look!

As I’ve seen it, it tends to be a version of one or the other. But if it shows up differently for you, share it below! I would love to hear all about it.

Never-ending To-Do List

Now in all fairness (because I AM fair!), there are instances that we really don’t know what we need to do. And even then, there are two ways of looking at this. I am going to give you my tell all way to know if it’s still procrastination…

One, that it is actually something that requires a new skill and you need to take the time to a. get it yourself or b. hire someone that has it.

Two, is this always happening when you are working on projects like this, trying to build your business or make more money? If it is, you are still creating the situations so you back into your comfortable perfection box.

There are 3 ways that I have personally used and I have coached my clients so they can move past perfection…and better still, that they can use to open up to receiving more abundance in their business! If you are desiring this for your Lifestyle Business, this is something I can help you with! 🙂

  1. Make it about the people you are helping! That’s right! Focus on them, how much you will help them, how much they need your particular gifts. If you’re in the perfection box because you feel that you’re selfish in wanting to receive payment for your services, think just how selfish it is that you are keeping people stuck for not offering them your gifts.
  2. Ask yourself if this is showing up as a pattern for you? If it is, then you have to tell yourself a different story. Here’s a Foolproof Strategy to Stop Sabotage [LINK TO STEP 2] that you can use to help you create a different story easily and effectively.
  3. Get out of the energy of perfection and into the energy of receiving by stepping into it full on. I will be talking about this during my live training tomorrow, March 19th at 1pm. This training is all about moving creating that movement…Click the banner to below to join!

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I hope to see you at the live training! For now, share one action you have to take today to get out of the perfection box…