The secret behind Knowing What to do/FOCUS on or how [NOT] to spend years “trying” to make your business PROFITABLE

Do you want to know the secret behind Knowing What to do/FOCUS on or how [NOT] to spend years “trying” to make your business PROFITABLE

<<**Just sharing a few tips on…Why it’s all about YOU and not them…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

Ok so you’re a Coach, Creative or Intuitive and you have a lot to say about wanting to help people. Meaning, you probably have quite a few degrees/certificates/courses under your belt.

In fact, you probably spent more than a pretty penny on all that education. You went above and beyond to PREPARE for your business.

For you it was all about your craft…because that’s the reason that you WANTED to start your business in the first place. Only you forgot one important thing…

That it IS a Business 🙂

When you look around at all the other businesses that you see are turning a profit you say…but my service is probably 10x better than that one…heck, probably 100x better!

And you’re not bragging either, the few clients you’ve had loved you and raved about you.

And though that felt great…it didn’t lead to referrals and it DIDN’T help you grow your business in the least. They were just that…a few isolated albeit wonderful experiences.

So NOW you are finally noticing that you need to get the “Business” part of your business in place so you can finally start making money. YEY!

To your ears, nothing sounds sexier than Consistent Income 😉

SO the first question inside your head is What do I do first? What do I have to do now? OMG how the heck do I make my business work?

You’re a bit at a loss…and it’s not your fault. From birth we’re told that problems get solved with more education, but entrepreneurship does NOT work that way.

Taking another course, even a marketing course, will only give you a little piece of the puzzle. You’ve tried that one already, right? And it didn’t work no matter what the promise…

There are really only two things that are necessary to succeed in business: MINDSET & STRATEGY.

And I’m not talking about a small one-off strategy here. I’m talking about the FULL foundation or launch plan that helps you focus your time in EVERYTHING that leads to a Profitable Business…and nothing that doesn’t.

Before you go there though, there are a few things that are standing in your way…Actually two things.
Your lack of FOCUS, and well…YOU!

Let’s start with you… 🙂

There’s nothing more important to you than living your purpose, to help people, and to make a difference in this world doing what you love. I know, I’ve been there. It’s like this urge and urgency and you think about it day and night and every hour in between!

The reason this hasn’t happened YET is because you are STILL holding on to something.

Perhaps it’s a belief that it’s not enough, that you want to help everyone, that you’re not enough, that you can’t charge higher prices…whatever it is, it’s actually putting a 3ft steel wall between you and your $10K month.

Your success doing what you love to do…correction, what you were BORN to do, your purpose depends on you getting over this and letting it go.

Honestly…ask yourself, “How has this served me?”

For most of my clients, the answer is not at all, because it’s been years of trying and trying and killing yourself, without success.

Don’t just skim over this. It’s been YEARS! That means years of frustration, of sleepless nights, of maybe working for someone else doing something you don’t want to do, years of thinking that perhaps there’s something wrong with you, but there isn’t.

You’re just didn’t understanding what was really going on, perhaps until this very moment. And that’s ok! Guilt won’t get you anywhere. Let this go too 😉

The YOU part is more important (this is the Mindset Piece btw), because even if you have the FOCUS part, it will still not work, at least not at the level that you want it to.

Here’s how you focus:

#1. Choose ONE offer, for ONE person. Get more specific & invite your ideal clients to finally breathe and feel supported.

Your ideal clients can say YES to you ONLY after you say YES to them. You haven’t. Lack of focus is making it really hard for them to find you.

I’m not talking about people you can serve. You know you could serve the world, but this hasn’t led to cha-ching in the bank!

If you’re honest, your ideal clients are not all of the people you think you can help, even if they had amazing results, left you wonderful testimonials and raved about you.

As healers, we want to help everyone and we forget there are people to whom you will make the greatest impact. The ones whose lives will NEVER be the same after working with you. And the ones that you ENJOY the most working with 🙂

Not to mention that even if they got really great results, some of these will want to bargain with you on price and ask you to discount your services. Not ideal at all!

Without this piece, you won’t get referrals. Period. Your past clients will think (not without reason) that their situation and the service that you provided was unique and so won’t naturally think of referring you to their contacts, even if they have a problem you can solve.

#2. Set your divine right price…and do NOT change it.

Discounting doesn’t feel good, not charging your worth doesn’t feel good and not working with ideal clients that get you the best testimonials REALLY doesn’t feel good.

So understand the value and transformation that you offer down to the penny…and then speak it confidently in your discovery sessions. OWN it, if you don’t, nobody will.

Up to NOW, you’ve been in an endless YEARS journey of >>You don’t know where to focus, so you don’t attract ideal high-paying clients, so you discount or charge less, and you don’t get paid.

BREAK the endless cycle. It’s starting today!

Now go out there and get it done


What a Launch actually DOES for your Business

What if your confusion about what a Launch actually DOES is keeping you puzzled as to what to do first, next… or at all?

And what if going beyond the act of feeling “productive” doing things that have not moved you or your business forward in the least [or at the level that you want], you can move into being STRATEGIC and start planning your $250K business NOW?

<<**Just sharing a few insights and tips to…start thinking backwards on your way to MAJOR success…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

I am going to come straight off and say a very BOLD statement: You don’t have an online business without a launch. Period.

How is this even possible when you “think” you don’t even know how to put a Launch together? Does that mean that you have ALREADY been launching?

YUP, you have.

Anything you do to market your business in a sequence with a particular goal in mind is a Launch.

There are very small launches, and very extensive launches. There are launches with a goal of $5K and launches with a goal of $50K. Each strategy is different, depending on the goal.

It’s all a matter of matching the right strategy with the right goal…and also a matter of having a strategy that once established allows you to grow into it… and with it! So you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that perhaps what you’ve been doing is not matching the goal that you have in mind…and it also means [almost guaranteed] that you have not yet had a Launch strategy that you can grow with.

What typically happens is that you try this one strategy you learned from a group program you took and then you’re basing your ENTIRE business on it.

A perfect example of this are things like webinars, Facebook ads or marketing courses, courses on writing copy, free gifts or opt-ins, branding, and manifesting courses.

The promise is that it will solve ALL your problems and give you the clients and income you have been wanting for a long time. $10K right?

This is not to say that all of those courses don’t have a place. They do! You take those when what you are desiring is to get STRONGER in the particular area they are teaching about. But NOT as a way to base your whole business on it!

Let me interject here with a question to make you think. Were those courses SOLD entirely from the strategy that they were teaching?

My guess is NO. They had a full launch strategy that matched the goal that they had in mind.

If you’ve ever used some of these strategies and based your entire business on it…and it failed, then this is the problem.

Then you think that it was wrong and you try something COMPLETELY different, and you start the process all over again, only to lead to the same exact place.

This is how well-meaning women entrepreneurs spend thousands and thousands of dollars in courses with little to no results.

A successful business cannot thrive without the right launch strategy (even when it’s offline!)

The examples I gave you do not meet either of the criterias I talked about above…the strategy does not match the goal ($10K) and it is most likely NOT a strategy you can grow with by itself.

If your goal is $10K and beyond, you need a combination of strategies to make for a robust Launch that covers the necessary bases and GUARANTEES your success at this level, and many more levels to come.

With the right launch strategy you can grow well into multiple 6 figures from the automated systems you set up ONCE!

No re-doing, no starting from scratch, no one-off strategies that give you just one little part of the puzzle…and doesn’t work.

Set up the whole puzzle and watch it work for you 24/7!!!

Then you can start planning your $250K business NOW, and when you KNOW what to do first, next, step by step, it’s a lot easier to get there!

This is what a Launch DOES!

It helps you completely AUTOMATE your business and keep your energy and attention on the things you NEED to do, when you need to do them and nothing else!

There is nothing AFTER this. This is ALL of it! That means, this is all you do!

Your entire business is the launch, especially at the beginning…then later when you’re happy with your results you can add some of those group programs ehh?

Yes, we’ve been doing it all backwards…but you have plenty of time to make the change NOW 🙂

Now go out there and get it done!


What if the success of your High-End Business is NOT relevant to your Program Sales Page?

Let me ask you this question, What if the success of your High-End Business is NOT relevant to your Program Sales Page? Even further, what if you can even say that you GUARANTEE failure in your high-end business when you have them up!?

<<**Just sharing a few insights and tips to…help you sigh in relief and save you months in worry and procrastination…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

So…the Sales Page. That mythical creature that scares us all. It’s daunting. It’s long. It takes forever to create.. and the entire success of your online business depends on it.

Or does it?

Let me be clear, I’m talking about high-end 1-1 services here. Not an ecourse, recurring income model from info products and all of that. Though if you’re starting your business (or you started that route and it has not worked… yet) that way, I have a thing or two to say about that.

I know it’s attractive to think I’m going to create this product and everyone is going to come and buy it. It will be great and I will have new $ in my bank account every morning when I wake up. Oh the dream!
Well yes! And the percentage that that actually happens is very low!

I totally believe that there are people made at a fundamental (even soul) level to teach groups, the masses, the world.

AND I still believe that when you’re starting your business (or restarting), nothing beats the personal experience you have in testing your program one-on-one for the long-term ensuring the viability of your business.

Not just testing, but also understanding the specific needs of your client, who you really want to work with, and knowing what are the triggers that help them make decisions. You can’t get that from an ecourse!

So for me (and my clients), starting with 1-1 is the focus, even if the end goal IS recurring income! (I’ll talk about that later)

Now that that’s cleared up…

Does your business REALLY depend on a Sales Page?

For certain business models it does. For 1-1 services, not so much.

As a business owner, the #1 responsibility is mastering sales…and a Sales Page takes that possibility away from you.

The second reason is that when you are selling high-end services, your IDEAL clients will want to speak to you before making their decision. That’s unavoidable.

Almost nobody is willing to pay you a high-end price without having a conversation with you.

This goes pretty clearly all across the board…unless you’ve already built up to it by having a HUGE community that has consistently invested with you in precisely this way.

And this exception is pretty rare.

Understand, a Sales Page is also the WRONG filter in your business, when it comes to high-end services.

With this filter (even if you’re specific) you can’t get to the bottom of why someone really needs to decide now…or whether they should be working with you on a personal level as compared to your mastermind or other course.

Someone may have the money and just be throwing money at the problem rather than having made their real decision that this is what is needed now.

Another thing about Sales Pages, it tends to be the worst procrastination tactic out there! One of the biggest excuses of why people are not moving forward.

It becomes this complicated game that you should NOT even be playing. So lay it aside for a moment and listen to this…

High-end clients don’t need all of those details that come from a Sales Page. They just need to know that you can take care of their very specific needs. They want to know that YOU yourself are the solution to their problem.

They need to know that they can trust you, and that you will honor them and that you will even say “NO, you’re not the right client for me” if that is necessary. The only way to do this is on the phone…not on a sales page.

One of the worst things you can do is go the other route and outsource it out!

I’m all for ease, moving forward and getting there quickly…however, hiring out your copy is one of the worst investments you can make in your business in the beginning stages.

Really…until you can write amazing copy and have a great collection of works that you can give to someone else so they can replicate your style, tone, key words, etc.

It’s the same as hiring out sales, because your marketing IS selling for you. You just DON’T DO IT!
So I just gave you a bunch of don’ts…what about some do’s to mix it up a lil bit? 🙂

1. Identify your business model. From where you are now to where you need to be. Sales Pages are NOT relevant if you’re doing 1-1 services at the high-end level. Period.

2. Ditch the Sales Page until you’ve mastered sales and copy and you have a tested launch that converts every single time. Nothing before this. That is when you get to recurring income and convert your program into an e-course. Then the Sales Page is blessed to become a part of your business 🙂

3. Get talking with your IDEAL clients, your current clients, and get to know them and their problems, best solutions, next offers…EVERYTHING! You will get there faster by listening than anything else.

Sound good darrrrling?

Now go out there and get it done!