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I get it…you haven’t really gotten those stellar results from your clients that you wanted YET. In fact, clients are scarce so it’s hard to keep getting better and better.

What feels even harder though, is marketing yourself as a great coach/mentor when you feel deep inside that you haven’t helped enough people to know the TRUTH. Are you really that good? Can you really give them spectacular results?

You can’t really help how you feel about all this…or can you?

The truth is that there is always a reason to feel like a fraud when you don’t believe in yourself all the way due to the beating your self-esteem has gotten since you started your own business.

Over the past few years you’ve moved very little or not at all. You know a lot more stuff maybe, but your business hasn’t grown, you still haven’t made any real consistent money, and you know that soon you’ll have to decide to call it quits if nothing changes.

Lack of results…consistent results…can do that to a spiritual woman like you.

What’s even worse is that it can also prevent you from showing up as the leader that you know you are deep inside.

And this can affect two sides of the equation, because it’s not just the business (aka finances) that is suffering, it’s also the service delivery.

You may want to disagree with me, but the truth is that you will always GIVE better results when you are confident in what you do and you can show up fully as YOU… to then be able to drag your clients into a different reality they can see for themselves.

If your own reality is not so great…you can see where this is going, right?

So it’s very important that you understand where this “feeling like a fraud” thing comes from and how you can get rid of it ASAP, or at least replace it with another belief that is more powerful, based on REAL proof, to take its place.

Let me just start by saying that it’s normal to keep getting the results we don’t want when we don’t have the results that we DO want.

Mainly because we don’t believe that it’s possible… and that sometimes will translate on us creating more of the same circumstances that lead to the same results.

A bit like this story of a fly that I read in my favorite little book You2…It was banging its head against the window glass repeatedly, when 2 meters away was an open door to go outside.

Pretty picture huh? But the truth is that we are doing the same exact thing! We are just like the fly…we don’t know what we don’t know and it leads to a lot of head banging, painful bumps and our business’ ultimate demise.

We go in circles for years and years…and nothing and I really mean NOTHING will move until something changes to break the cycle…and that must be the belief FIRST!

So far you’ve been focusing on your lack of results and it’s not about the results, but about who you’re BEING!

You need testimonials, that’s no doubt, but who you are being right now is not allowing you to even see the results you have already HAD, and it’s also sabotaging your continued results.

Right now, your results are hiding in plain sight, you just can’t see them from where you’re looking!
Let me give you an example from when I was making the shift from 1-2K/mo to $7K so you see what I mean.

I had been working on my mindset and my strategy and I had all the pieces in place. I KNEW it was going to work, but I didn’t have the awesome testimonials for mindset coaching yet, not to business women anyways.

The belief was there though, for the first time in forever, and I was ready to make it happen no matter what.

It occurred to me to reach out to a past client to see if she wanted to be in my new program, and while having a conversation she casually said that she had DOUBLED her business the past year after working with me!

WHAT??? That was her third year in business and the prior two years she had stayed at the same income level, but since then she had exploded!

Essentially, I had a client who had the most amazing results and I didn’t even know about it!

Understand that even if you’re just starting out there are enough results in what you’ve done (for yourself and your clients), without you having to feel like a fraud of any kind!

Also, the faster you get results the better! You can create real results quickly if you know exactly what to do. That means that your first (and consistent) $10K month is just around the corner…and that means you don’t have to keep repeating this pattern over and over like the little fly 😉

So for simplicity’s sake, here are 3 easy steps to get you there darrrrrrrrling! This is how you can build a successful 10K business without feeling like a fraud:

1. Understand where this feeling comes from so you can shift the disbelief into BELIEF and start getting a different result. Otherwise you will stay trapped in a prison of your own making.
2. Find the results that you have already had. They are hiding in plain sight and you can’t see them from the place (and mindset) that you are looking.
3. Take a different action. Have a proven, tested strategy you can implement quickly to get results. The longer you wait, the harder it is!

YOU have to break the cycle! It’s your responsibility.

You can’t operate from this place of disbelief and expect a successful business. It just doesn’t happen!

My question for you is, what exactly are you waiting for? To break your head against the wall?

Now go out there and get it done!


What you are providing is missing ONE KEY ingredient

What if the lack of results from your clients is simply a veiled message that what you are providing is missing ONE KEY ingredient. And what if WITH that key ingredient not only YOUR business would grow and make more money, but your clients will become your NEXT glowing testimonial and be able to return your high-end fee investment in as little as 1 day?

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So yea, you’ve been going at it for a while, and your clients love you, but they are not getting the results that you know they could get…and not for lack of trying either. They are doing EVERYTHING you say!

They are working on their mindset, their energy, their affirmations…you name it! And these are the same things that you did and it “sorta” worked for you.

I say sorta because you’ve maybe had some high-end clients by now. You’ve manifested some miracles and you feel…comfortable!

But your clients are NOT getting even those results. They are “getting” what you are saying, but you know that there is a huge difference between knowing and doing. You yourself are actually a proof of that… right?

Your own business has not been consistent, you have not been defined as an authority in your field, and…well…you are not feeling too good about it and sometimes, you are even freaking out…a lil bit!

You are, in fact, not building the business of your dreams. You wanted to make a difference, and if your clients are not getting the results (even if they love you as a person) it’s not really helping anyone!

So…what is really going on here?

Well…you are BOTH missing one KEY piece, and it’s translating across both of your businesses…and not leading to those glowing testimonials, you growing as a mentor, or even getting referrals.

So let me tell you how this showed up in my own business a while ago so you can get the full picture.

I went from coaching on lifestyle to business very quickly. Faster than perhaps I should have, and it felt like a big HUGE leap for me.

The reason I did it was because I was really excited about supporting entrepreneurs because I loved being around them. Plus, they were highly motivated and open to change!

For me, having that in clients was essential…and it STILL is.

When I did that, I started coaching on mindset…but I was so stuck worrying about what if I could not deliver on my promise? I felt like a TOTAL fraud at first because I didn’t know if I could do the same in business as I could in lifestyle and health coaching.

This severely held me back, because I didn’t have any experience giving people results (or consistent results) in this particular area.

So for me, it was really important that I succeed…and quickly! And not just ME (you know, bills to pay, mentors to hire) but my clients too!

So here is what happened, I felt like I was shooting blind. I worked with just a few clients on those early days and it wasn’t until a full YEAR later that I checked in with one of my clients that told me that she had nearly DOUBLED her income after our session.

It was about the most wonderful thing that she could have told me, and my best testimonial to date. I felt ecstatic, especially because all we had done was a 4hr Intensive with shift in mindset and a few strategies with a clear plan to make it happen…AND she followed through.

It was actually then, when I got the proof, that I decided to step it up! I had used a launch system that I had created and had a huge breakthrough in my results. Then they were repeated many times over…so I decided to merge the mindset AND the strategy and teach this to my clients.

So we have come full circle. Let me tell you why this worked for me and KEPT giving my clients amazing results and still is…

We believe based on our experiences (I certainly did!), and if we don’t have the results and proof from our own business then we can’t really give others what we don’t have.

So you see, if your business is still inconsistent, not getting glowing testimonials, this is a lack of result for you that translates to a lack of result for your clients!

So the biggest problem with your own business, the missing KEY Ingredient, if you will, is that it lacks the structure that runs the BUSINESS and works.

The system helps you get the consistent results, so you can THEN start supporting your clients to the right mindset that leads to their own success.

If you are always in worry and anxiety, you can’t do this!

But there’s STILL one missing piece… Your clients need the system too!

Once they have their working system & you with the right mindset/intuitive/success support, you will get clients that are your next testimonials and you’ll help them quickly return their investment in as little as 1-30 days!

So you can’t work your business from just the angle of mindset, intuition and success coaching. You have to work it from TWO angles.

Think about it…The women who you admire, the ones with the super successful business, do you think they are JUST vibrating their asses off? NO!

They have a proven structure that works AND they use their intuition/mindset/vibration to keep the focus on what they want.

So, here’s how to do this in 3 easy steps:

1. Look at the results – what are YOUR results and what are your client’s results. How are they the same or different? Can you see any similarities? Typically they will reflect one another in many ways.
2. Determine what needs to change – typically this will be the strategy, because you are GOOD at the mindset/intuitive/success coaching you do.
3. Find the right system that you can ALSO share with your clients – they need it too!

Understand that if you are not in the business of getting testimonials, you will be out of business! Word of mouth is CRUCIAL!

So…Would you like to become THAT mentor known for their success stories and FIND exactly where your next 5 Figure Success Story is hiding in your business?

Private Message me to find out more how you can cut through the BS and go straight to the top, be recognized as an authority mentor in your field, and get the testimonials that EVERYONE will be talking about.

Now go out there and get it done!

Sazzu Hope

How to really understand the power of YES

Can I show you the WHY behind why nothing happens until you say YES,

how the biggest reason you are not hitting $10K-$20K consistently is hiding behind the ONE habit you rely on the most, and the very next step that will make it easy for you to get to $10K in the next 30 days?

You have been working on your business for what seems like an eternity (but in reality it’s around 1-3 years) and well…nothing really MIND-BLOWING has happened…YET!

You’ve had some really cool things happen like a few amazing clients, perhaps lots of engagement with your FB posts (people love you and your stuff!), and you KNOW that parts of your life is a thousand times better than the majority of the population.

Still… you know that you are NOT living your highest life. None of that has translated to real freedom for you…the freedom that comes ONLY from having Time & Money Freedom.

So why exactly?
Let me give you my example of what happened a bit over 1 year ago when I finally DECIDED to do this business thing.

But wait… didn’t I decide when I started my business? Didn’t I decide when I quit corporate? Didn’t I decide when I invested around $60K in the first 2 years of my business? Wasn’t that enough to show the Universe I was serious?

Even though I was excited about having my own business, and about helping people transform their lives, (and to not have go to an office anymore and be in a soul-sucking job) I felt like I was in WAY over my head.

The level of uncertainty was enough to kill my confidence of an entire lifetime being a successaholic, and with it came fear… That fear that feels more like TERROR and you tell yourself that it’s not there day in day out just to get through the day. In reality…it seriously clouded my every decision and my every judgment.
For me, it was a fear of not being good enough or having what it takes to make this successful. It was overwhelming.

So what did I do?

What I always did, try to fix it and close the gap by learning more!

I invested in a bunch of courses and mentors, and none of it worked for me.

I was trying to use what I had been taught all my life. Get another degree, go to a better school, pick a better/harder class…no wonder I spent so much! 🙂

I went directly to the best of the best (or what I perceived to be that at the time) expecting my results would match the price I paid. The more the better right? 🙂

Well, nope! So you can bet your sweet ass that when it came for me to invest yet AGAIN in the ONE thing I knew I needed to overcome with help (my Mindset), I had plenty of hesitations.

Am I doing the same thing as before?
Is this really necessary?
Am I going to just gift my new mentor another $17K for nothing?
Can’t I do this by myself…like really?
What does it really take? Come on Universeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 😉

I realized at one point during that experience that it had nothing to do with the investment or the coach. It may have been shortly after the makeover session I had with the coach that enrolled me, that made me question my commitment, my YES!

I had thought up until that point that whatever I required would be in perfect alignment with ME, instead of ME being in perfect alignment with IT!

There is a huge difference that keeps spiritual and intuitive people stuck for years in the same place still waiting for perfect alignment.
I questioned, how can something I desire be in alignment with ME when what I want is something bigger/greater/higher than where I am right now?

It wasn’t the solution that had to match ME, it was ME that had to match the solution. I had to take action in alignment and at the level of what I wanted.

This went beyond what I had ever learned, or understood, and it made my decision an easy YES. Not to the investment or the coaching, to ME! To making my business finally non-negotiable.

That was the moment that everything changed and I started creating MY business, my success, my Time & Money Freedom.

That is the WHY behind why nothing happens until you say YES. Because nothing can!

You playing small or half way in (like I was) will not cut it. If it did, you would be there right now, enjoying your most brilliant life. You have to go through the growth to have the reward. You have to make a decision and step all the way through that is in alignment with the life & business you want, not with where you are right now.

For me it was all about what I wasn’t willing to do to make my business happen. That is the thing that stopped me…and it will stop you too!

So…do you REALLY want your $10K in 30 days? Are you committed to your aligned YES?
Type: “YES = Commitment” in the comments below and let’s do this makeover…tailored just for you!

I will then send you to the application for this session. Yes, there’s an application. I want to make sure you are as serious as you say you are 🙂 Like I said, this is the aligned YES!

Here are the conditions you’ve been waiting for…

>> You are a coach, intuitive or creative that is spiritual in nature
>> You consistently make at least $3K per month
>> You want to get out of the I can’t afford it/comfort/fear zone crowd and go straight to your dreamy business
>> You are ready to do whatever it takes to make your business work SANS excuses. If you like giving reasons or excuses rather than taking action, then this is not for you. You can’t reach any level of success with excuses in tow.

Here’s what you get…I will gift you a Mindset and Strategy MAKEOVER 😉
– The WHY behind why nothing happens until you say YES,
– How the biggest reason you are not hitting $10K-$20K consistently is hiding behind the ONE habit you rely on the most,
– The very next step that will make it easy for you to get to $10K in the next 30 days

Does it sound like this is your first easy YES? Type “YES = Commitment” in the comments below 🙂

So let me share with you one last thing…

Why would anyone consciously delay their success? It doesn’t make any sense. But they do (as I did for YEARS)… Because they are MORE enamored with Comfort & Fear than committed to their highest life.

Even when it looks like they aren’t. It did for me too!

When you understand the power of YES, I can’t afford it doesn’t even factor into the equation anymore. What I can’t afford it means is I don’t understand just exactly WHAT this is costing me. For me 3 years of my life was well worth $17K. But I was committed to make it work, and I did!

Yesterday I had a webinar where I talked about the incredible success of Lorna, one of my amazing clients that made $10K the first 30 days in her business. The biggest defining factor for her was her relentlessness. It started with a clear YES that was beyond just investing to work with me. It was “I will do anything and everything NOW!”

All my clients with the biggest success rate all have this same quality. This is available to you too. NOW!

So are you saying “YES = Commitment”?

See you on the other side…of $10K 😉