The Missing KEY Ingredient in Your Business that Lead to More Money & Glowing Testimonials

What if the lack of results from your clients is simply a veiled message that what you are providing is missing ONE KEY ingredient. And what if WITH that key ingredient not only YOUR business would grow and make more money, but your clients will become your NEXT glowing testimonial and be able to return your high-end fee investment in as little as 1 day?

<<**Just sharing a few tips on…where EXACTLY your next 5 Figure Testimonial is hiding in your business…;)**>>

So yea, you’ve been going at it for a while, and your clients love you, but they are not getting the results that you know they could get…and not for lack of trying either. They are doing EVERYTHING you say!

They are working on their mindset, their energy, their affirmations…you name it! And these are the same things that you did and it “sorta” worked for you.

I say sorta because you’ve maybe had some high-end clients by now. You’ve manifested some miracles and you feel…comfortable!

But your clients are NOT getting even those results. They are “getting” what you are saying, but you know that there is a huge difference between knowing and doing. You yourself are actually a proof of that… right?

Your own business has not been consistent, you have not been defined as an authority in your field, and…well…you are not feeling too good about it and sometimes, you are even freaking out…a lil bit!

You are, in fact, not building the business of your dreams. You wanted to make a difference, and if your clients are not getting the results (even if they love you as a person) it’s not really helping anyone!

So…what is really going on here?

Well…you are BOTH missing one KEY piece, and it’s translating across both of your businesses…and not leading to those glowing testimonials, you growing as a mentor, or even getting referrals.

So let me tell you how this showed up in my own business a while ago so you can get the full picture.

I went from coaching on lifestyle to business very quickly. Faster than perhaps I should have, and it felt like a big HUGE leap for me.

The reason I did it was because I was really excited about supporting entrepreneurs because I loved being around them. Plus, they were highly motivated and open to change!

For me, having that in clients was essential…and it STILL is.

When I did that, I started coaching on mindset…but I was so stuck worrying about what if I could not deliver on my promise? I felt like a TOTAL fraud at first because I didn’t know if I could do the same in business as I could in lifestyle and health coaching.

This severely held me back, because I didn’t have any experience giving people results (or consistent results) in this particular area.

So for me, it was really important that I succeed…and quickly! And not just ME (you know, bills to pay, mentors to hire) but my clients too!

So here is what happened, I felt like I was shooting blind. I worked with just a few clients on those early days and it wasn’t until a full YEAR later that I checked in with one of my clients that told me that she had nearly DOUBLED her income after our session.

It was about the most wonderful thing that she could have told me, and my best testimonial to date. I felt ecstatic, especially because all we had done was a 4hr Intensive with shift in mindset and a few strategies with a clear plan to make it happen…AND she followed through.

It was actually then, when I got the proof, that I decided to step it up! I had used a launch system that I had created and had a huge breakthrough in my results. Then they were repeated many times over…so I decided to merge the mindset AND the strategy and teach this to my clients.

So we have come full circle. Let me tell you why this worked for me and KEPT giving my clients amazing results and still is…

We believe based on our experiences (I certainly did!), and if we don’t have the results and proof from our own business then we can’t really give others what we don’t have.

So you see, if your business is still inconsistent, not getting glowing testimonials, this is a lack of result for you that translates to a lack of result for your clients!

So the biggest problem with your own business, the missing KEY Ingredient, if you will, is that it lacks the structure that runs the BUSINESS and works.

The system helps you get the consistent results, so you can THEN start supporting your clients to the right mindset that leads to their own success.

If you are always in worry and anxiety, you can’t do this!

But there’s STILL one missing piece… Your clients need the system too!

Once they have their working system & you with the right mindset/intuitive/success support, you will get clients that are your next testimonials and you’ll help them quickly return their investment in as little as 1-30 days!

So you can’t work your business from just the angle of mindset, intuition and success coaching. You have to work it from TWO angles.

Think about it…The women who you admire, the ones with the super successful business, do you think they are JUST vibrating their asses off? NO!

They have a proven structure that works AND they use their intuition/mindset/vibration to keep the focus on what they want.

So, here’s how to do this in 3 easy steps:

1. Look at the results – what are YOUR results and what are your client’s results. How are they the same or different? Can you see any similarities? Typically they will reflect one another in many ways.

2. Determine what needs to change – typically this will be the strategy, because you are GOOD at the mindset/intuitive/success coaching you do.

3. Find the right system that you can ALSO share with your clients – they need it too!

Understand that if you are not in the business of getting testimonials, you will be out of business! Word of mouth is CRUCIAL!

So…Would you like to become THAT mentor known for their success stories and FIND exactly where your next 5 Figure Success Story is hiding in your business?

Private Message me to find out more how you can cut through the BS and go straight to the top, be recognized as an authority mentor in your field, and get the testimonials that EVERYONE will be talking about.

Now go out there and get it done!

Sazzu Hope​

Your Intuition – Crutch or Blade (the kind Uma Thurman Used in Kill Bill)

Do you want to know WHAT does the character of Kill “Bill” – yes, from the movie 😉 – have to do with your use of intuition as a crutch rather than the amazing tool it is and exactly HOW your quantum leap to $10K/mo and beyond is hiding behind your TRUE alignment to what you want now?

<<**Just sharing a few tips to help you…see that proof is 1 billion times more powerful than wishful thinking ;)**>>

When you want to get to $10K and beyond, build a truly financially profitable business and you haven’t done it yet…or even come close…you are seeking a Quantum Leap.

So it’s not about going one tiny step at a time or being “safe”. That is habit and what you have been doing up to now (with little results)…

You desire $10K in 30 days, you want to get 2-4 NEW high paying clients – consistently, and you want to have a converting offer that people want to buy…for once!

When this hasn’t happened yet, understand that at a very basic level there is something fundamentally wrong. What you’re seeking and the way you are going about it are not matching!

In other words, if you are taking tiny steps…then you are going to get tiny/incremental results. If you want to have really unconventional/fast results, then you need a different approach.

For spiritual entrepreneurs, many times it is the use of their intuition and how they are using it as a crutch rather than the wonderful tool it was meant to be that is holding them back.

Your intuition, REAL intuition that comes from your soul guiding you and from Spirit, will always be for your highest good…it will also be for growth which means that it will always push you to be the VERY best that you can be, because it knows that you can 🙂

It will never tell you to take small steps, to play small or hold back when it knows what you are capable of…and it knows your true desire is BIG!

It was at this point that I could almost hear Bill telling Kiddo “Was my reaction (the END result) really that surprising?”

Well, let me back up for a moment. This is what happens… If you have seen the movie a million times like I have, you know which part I am talking about. Pretty much here is a spoiler synopsis [and yes, straight from the very end of the movie ;)]

Bill says to the character of Uma Thurman Kiddo: I’m a killer, I’m a murdering bastard you know that. And there are consequences of breaking the heart of a murdering bastard. You experienced them (he tried to kill her-him and a group of 4 of the deadliest assassins in the world). Was my reaction really that surprising?

Kiddo says  “Yes, it was”. But all the proof was THERE! She just didn’t want to see it.

It almost seems like wishful thinking at this point. She would not believe that he would react that way towards her…and yet, well…

And so it is with your intuition.

At this point you are maybe wishing the results to be different than the proof that is clearly THERE in front of you… even when you are doing the same thing or doing different things the same way.

The results are there…and if they are not at the level you desire it is very likely because…

1. You have not been listening or have been ignoring your intuition or

2. You have been using the intuitive guidance that you are getting loud and clear in the wrong way to suit where you are right now.

It can’t be any other way. The guidance you receive HAS to be for your highest good, and for you to receive your desires NOW (not later). The moment you decide, that is the moment you start getting the insights to show you the way.

So, here is a very vivid example of one way I am seeing women use intuition in a way that it’s clearly not working:

When you get the initial insight that you desire something…then you check in if it’s in alignment…with you!?

We have heard of being in alignment and because we are not using intuition the right way, we think that the thing we desire has to:

>>be in alignment with where we are,

>>work financially,

>>feel 100% good,

>>be convenient at this time,

>>and that you’re emotionally ready for it…

Now…if you’re seeking your next level and you have never been there, would that not be challenging and bigger, feel scary, stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of…especially because of the fact that you DESIRE a Quantum Leap to your dream business?

So your desire can NOT be in alignment with YOU…you must be in alignment with IT! 🙂

That is TRUE alignment…because it goes with the universal rule of more life and growth.

If the way to get to your next level, to your Quantum Leap Desire is in alignment with where you are right now (at this point of not getting these results you want)…most of the time it will not lead you to where you want to go.

This is not an ODE to making things hard. It’s an explanation so you understand where you are keeping yourself stuck using your intuition as a crutch.

Your intuition is the biggest most powerful tool you have at your disposal. But you must use it or rather, practice it and grow it and keep recognizing its TRUE signs…like I’ve shared here.

Just remember…You will never be truly ready for the thing you want, but you are definitely capable!

And just like in Kill Bill…also remember that your life is not a dress rehearsal. This is happening RIGHT NOW!

So don’t wait anymore…go out there and get it done!


The secret behind Knowing What to do/FOCUS on or how [NOT] to spend years “trying” to make your business PROFITABLE

Do you want to know the secret behind Knowing What to do/FOCUS on or how [NOT] to spend years “trying” to make your business PROFITABLE

<<**Just sharing a few tips on…Why it’s all about YOU and not them…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

Ok so you’re a Coach, Creative or Intuitive and you have a lot to say about wanting to help people. Meaning, you probably have quite a few degrees/certificates/courses under your belt.

In fact, you probably spent more than a pretty penny on all that education. You went above and beyond to PREPARE for your business.

For you it was all about your craft…because that’s the reason that you WANTED to start your business in the first place. Only you forgot one important thing…

That it IS a Business 🙂

When you look around at all the other businesses that you see are turning a profit you say…but my service is probably 10x better than that one…heck, probably 100x better!

And you’re not bragging either, the few clients you’ve had loved you and raved about you.

And though that felt great…it didn’t lead to referrals and it DIDN’T help you grow your business in the least. They were just that…a few isolated albeit wonderful experiences.

So NOW you are finally noticing that you need to get the “Business” part of your business in place so you can finally start making money. YEY!

To your ears, nothing sounds sexier than Consistent Income 😉

SO the first question inside your head is What do I do first? What do I have to do now? OMG how the heck do I make my business work?

You’re a bit at a loss…and it’s not your fault. From birth we’re told that problems get solved with more education, but entrepreneurship does NOT work that way.

Taking another course, even a marketing course, will only give you a little piece of the puzzle. You’ve tried that one already, right? And it didn’t work no matter what the promise…

There are really only two things that are necessary to succeed in business: MINDSET & STRATEGY.

And I’m not talking about a small one-off strategy here. I’m talking about the FULL foundation or launch plan that helps you focus your time in EVERYTHING that leads to a Profitable Business…and nothing that doesn’t.

Before you go there though, there are a few things that are standing in your way…Actually two things.
Your lack of FOCUS, and well…YOU!

Let’s start with you… 🙂

There’s nothing more important to you than living your purpose, to help people, and to make a difference in this world doing what you love. I know, I’ve been there. It’s like this urge and urgency and you think about it day and night and every hour in between!

The reason this hasn’t happened YET is because you are STILL holding on to something.

Perhaps it’s a belief that it’s not enough, that you want to help everyone, that you’re not enough, that you can’t charge higher prices…whatever it is, it’s actually putting a 3ft steel wall between you and your $10K month.

Your success doing what you love to do…correction, what you were BORN to do, your purpose depends on you getting over this and letting it go.

Honestly…ask yourself, “How has this served me?”

For most of my clients, the answer is not at all, because it’s been years of trying and trying and killing yourself, without success.

Don’t just skim over this. It’s been YEARS! That means years of frustration, of sleepless nights, of maybe working for someone else doing something you don’t want to do, years of thinking that perhaps there’s something wrong with you, but there isn’t.

You’re just didn’t understanding what was really going on, perhaps until this very moment. And that’s ok! Guilt won’t get you anywhere. Let this go too 😉

The YOU part is more important (this is the Mindset Piece btw), because even if you have the FOCUS part, it will still not work, at least not at the level that you want it to.

Here’s how you focus:

#1. Choose ONE offer, for ONE person. Get more specific & invite your ideal clients to finally breathe and feel supported.

Your ideal clients can say YES to you ONLY after you say YES to them. You haven’t. Lack of focus is making it really hard for them to find you.

I’m not talking about people you can serve. You know you could serve the world, but this hasn’t led to cha-ching in the bank!

If you’re honest, your ideal clients are not all of the people you think you can help, even if they had amazing results, left you wonderful testimonials and raved about you.

As healers, we want to help everyone and we forget there are people to whom you will make the greatest impact. The ones whose lives will NEVER be the same after working with you. And the ones that you ENJOY the most working with 🙂

Not to mention that even if they got really great results, some of these will want to bargain with you on price and ask you to discount your services. Not ideal at all!

Without this piece, you won’t get referrals. Period. Your past clients will think (not without reason) that their situation and the service that you provided was unique and so won’t naturally think of referring you to their contacts, even if they have a problem you can solve.

#2. Set your divine right price…and do NOT change it.

Discounting doesn’t feel good, not charging your worth doesn’t feel good and not working with ideal clients that get you the best testimonials REALLY doesn’t feel good.

So understand the value and transformation that you offer down to the penny…and then speak it confidently in your discovery sessions. OWN it, if you don’t, nobody will.

Up to NOW, you’ve been in an endless YEARS journey of >>You don’t know where to focus, so you don’t attract ideal high-paying clients, so you discount or charge less, and you don’t get paid.

BREAK the endless cycle. It’s starting today!

Now go out there and get it done