The Myth of BALANCE for the Woman Entrepreneur creating a High-End Business

The Myth of BALANCE for the Woman Entrepreneur creating a High-End Business and what it can teach you about your struggle getting clients to pay you $5K or more.

**<<Just sharing a story and a few tips to help you…stop making excuses and reach your goal faster – no strings attached!>>**

Let’s get to it…When I was in high school I started feeling really overwhelmed with all the honors classes, working part-time for 20+hrs a week, and my budding social life after years of being an outcast when I first came from Cuba.

Those were the three things that were constantly on my mind, and I didn’t know how to navigate the stress and make it all work together…

So much so that to keep myself sane, I made a resolution that no matter what, I was going to find balance. I could DO it all. I knew it. I just had to find the right combination.

Then one day, I was told in a clear voice that I was Sazzu, not Jennie (the name I was born with) and I decided to make my new name mean Balance, so that I would always remember the end goal. I was 16 at the time.

Many years later, after my 1st year in business and in my now SUBCONSCIOUS pursuit of Balance, I was working 80hr weeks on my business, with ONLY 2 (albeit high-end) clients and a very, VERYYYYYY unbalanced life.

Sometimes I would ask myself “how the hell did I get here?”, and the answer would come, quietly, “this is what you wanted”…it was just not HOW I wanted it.

I obviously did not stay there for long, and below I want to give you some ideas of how to move forward if this is your dilemma right now…because if you are wanting to create a High-End Business where you are selling YOURSELF, this will Always be the problem.

You can’t very well be selling your Lifestyle and Business if you are working non-stop and seeing no results. That is not in integrity…so I want to help you do what feels good, and get there quickly.

1. Understand that balance in the way that you’ve been sold it doesn’t really exist. It has nothing to do with having balance between all the things that you have going on in your life like I thought. It has everything to do with your decision and commitment…to having it all and to live your purpose full out!

2. And that doesn’t mean that you have to DO it all. So in fact, the truth of the matter is that it gets easier when you’re moving in the right direction because it’s a lot easier to make MORE money than less!

**This one comes with a little caveat! You DO have to put in the work at the beginning. There is no excuse for you not setting up a foundation for your specific business model that is proven and works to launch your high-end, high-touch programs successfully. However, it doesn’t have to take you longer than 4-6 weeks to do this!**

3. Eliminate the excuses. The excuses why it’s “so hard”. The excuses why you “have to slow down” and find more “balance” and any excuse in between that keeps you getting less results than you know you are capable of.

4. OH yea, and pick ONE, just one thing you KNOW you should be doing every day, and then do it.
That’s it!

When you are LIVING what you love, and your life is a reflection of your work in every way, that is YOUR balance.

Now go out there and get it done!

Have fun!


My Top 3 Secrets for Landing High Paying Clients

The chase for high paying clients is ON! Everyone out there in the coaching industry is selling you this dream. But what does it really take to land high-paying clients?

I started my business selling a three-month program for $1500. I quickly moved to a $4000 and six-month program. Now my prices have changed but the quality of my clients haven’t. I continuously attract clients that work with me for a long time, pay premium prices, and get amazing results.

Today I want to share with you the top 3 secrets for landing high-paying clients so that you can implement this in your business launches right away:

#1. Create a first-class, engaging experience from the moment they meet you to the moment they buy from you.

I feel like this is really lost on some of the new online business owners out there. If you really think about the human nature, we judge just about everything that we see. So why would someone not judge what they see in your website, Facebook page or opt-in?

First impressions really matter, and so does the functionality of everything that they’re in contact with from your business. Starting with a emails and down to the payment button, is it really representing the level of investment that you’re asking?

You can definitely start filtering your brand and experience through this idea so you can start making changes that lead to you attracting and keeping high-paying clients in your funnel.

#2. Lead with the results

This one is really funny because I see a lot of marketing out there that is not really engaging and enchanting the ideal client that it’s meant for. Especially when you want to attract high-paying clients, this is an absolute must.

There are two things that you need to know about this particular secret. Depending on the level of investment, and I have really seeing this across the board, will you see that the results are more pain-based or desire-based.

For lower-level investments that are less than $5000 you will see that the marketing is more on the pain side because that is what that person is focusing on in their thoughts. Anything over $5000, you will see that the focus shifts to pleasure or desire-based.

Regardless, make sure that you include the results in your marketing, and not what you’re going to be doing in your service. People do not buy the how! I go in depth on these topics in my new TFS program. If you’re interested and you want to find out more then contact us by clicking here.

#3. You have to ask for the sale unapologetically

This may seem a little obvious but I see so many women entrepreneurs have a hard time with asking for the sale, especially when they are higher prices. It’s like the moment that they open their mouths their throats go dry and they no longer know what to say.

The problem with this one starts before they ask for the sale, however. If they have not been preparing these clients as to what is coming and showing them the value of their offer from the get-go, then it is harder to close the sale.

How do you do this? I teach my clients to do it through sequences of follow-ups, engagement, and value provided over a certain period of time.

By the time you get to the discovery session, the client is already pre-sold.

So my question to you is, when are you going to improve your launch sequence so you start commanding high prices in your business? I’d love to hear what results you are getting from this below…

And if you want until take this a little bit further, you want to come to our free Live Google Hangout Event happening on June 18 at 1 PM ET. To sign-up you can click here!

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Why Working Hard Keeps Your Business From Going

About a little over a year ago I found myself up at 3 in the morning for the third night in a row, completing my never-ending to-do list. I was so overworked that I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep working on my own business much longer.

I am sure that you can relate, but the only frame of reference I had at the time was when I was doing countless hours of overtime in corporate. That was exactly the thing that I had wanted to escape when I left that world and one of the reasons that I started my own business.

Yet here I was, in that same place. I had created another J.O.B. for myself!

And if I am being completely honest, life as an entrepreneur was worse than being in corporate. I had fallen into a pattern of working about 80 hr weeks doing all of the wrong things. All that work and wasn’t even getting the results I wanted in my business!

The really amazing thing was that as a coach, I was at the top of my game and kept improving. I was supporting my clients to live absolutely amazing lives, and even to increase their income to unparalleled levels. Yet for myself, I appeared to have a blind spot.

Tweet This ButtonHow is it that you can help someone else to do what you want to do, yet not be able to help yourself?


One of my clients, Michelle, nearly doubled her income during this time. I helped her by simplifying her strategies and putting together some systems that increased her productivity, and that resulted in a massive growth spurt!

With all this going on, what I still wasn’t realizing was that productivity wasn’t enough if it resulted in more work. More work leads to eventually tapping out, as I was doing. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can work that hard for that long without suffering some major energy drain.

Tweet This ButtonWorking hard is not the answer! There is another way.


So I started realizing that though I was getting the results for my clients, there was perhaps another level. And not only for them, for myself as well!

That other level was the Lifestyle Business. Now this is something that my team and I can help you create for yourself.

The first thing in the Lifestyle Business was freeing up some time. The fact that I was spending so much time stuck behind the computer was not working. Working hard was definitely NOT working.

So I started designing a way to free up my time, so I could focus doing the right things. And so that then I could actually start having a life! The life I dreamed of having when I started my business.


So that is why I am sharing with you my S.E.T. strategy SOON! It’s all about Simplifying, Eliminating and creating a clear Timeline. It can give you at least 3 extra hours a day. Stay tuned!

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This way you don’t have to continue overworking and killing yourself to have the exact business and lifestyle that you want.

Ready to get your Lifestyle Business NOW? This month on July 21st at 1PM EST, I am hosting a free virtual hangout where you’ll get the 3 Secret Steps Behind Your First Ever $5K-10K Launch, 3-Day Weekends & a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From! Click here to register now!