How to SHRINK the timeline to your next High-End Launch

Can I show you how to SHRINK the timeline to your next BIG GOAL, raise your prices to match the VALUE you provide, and create a step-by-step plan to help you breakthrough to $10K this month?

So, you’ve attempted to hit your biggest goal, maybe even more than once…

And more than that, you really want to charge more for what you do…no?

Yet, the few stabs you’ve taken at that mysterious thing called a “$10K GOAL” fell kinda flat… So what EXACTLY happened?

It sounded like you were doing everything right…or at least EVERYTHING! You were so darn busy!

You did the niche, and the promotions, and the webinar, and the emails, and the free gifts, and maybe you even stalked people online that had shown interest in working with you…but it didn’t work.

By the time you got around to the discovery session you knew it was over…if you even had ANY discovery sessions scheduled to begin with.

You were literally watching your dreams go down the drain…and it was in painful slow motion. So darn painful!

That photoshoot in Paris, your amazing high-end website, going away to a tropical destination that called to your heart, living a Lifestyle Business worthy of you! All of it crashing as you heard yet another NO.

So you did what everyone online was telling you that you should do… you threw money at it!

YEP! You got got yet another coach, another program, a spiritual guide, an energy healer, you name it!

They were all telling you the same thing.

You needed to open up more, be more aligned with your prosperity…and inside you, you were thinking you couldn’t be more aligned if you tried! I mean seriously!

You were spending all of your time trying to figure out what wasn’t working that it took all of your energy… NOT to give up altogether!

It was all summed up in one word…B.R.U.T.A.L.

I call this your darkest hour, and mine came at the end of a very long exhaustive launch for a telesummit where I was literally launching not just me and my services, but another 12 other women besides.

I can’t even tell you all I did during those 3 months, but it was non-stop. I remember thinking that it shouldn’t take this long. I mean, technically it was just a few pieces to put together. An opt-in page, a sales page, emails for each of the guests, etc.

Well it did! All my time was sucked into figuring out the promotion plan, creating cute things like a video with loud music and catching photos of each of the mentors, and finding even more photos…that matched the brand, the outcome of the event, all of it!

I made it way too complicated, and the results ended up being catastrophic.

For the 3 months I spent during the launch of working 80hr weeks, not a single person bought my program…and it wasn’t even a high-end program. It was a $397 course! It was devastating!
But I learned…from that experience and the few others that followed. I would love to tell you that it ended there, but it didn’t. I still didn’t know what I was doing and it showed up in my results.

So what exactly made the difference then…and more importantly, what will make the difference for you?

Marrying the masculine and feminine aspects of your BIG GOAL! This is where everyone gets it wrong, so listen up!

You already know the feminine was all that stuff your mentors were telling you that you needed to do. The vibration thang!

So yea… they weren’t really wrong, they were just not giving you the whole picture!

Now what you need is the understanding AND the experience of what exactly is lying underneath all this, confusing the hell out of you and keeping you stuck!

You need to:

Identify where specifically your business needs a breakthrough in order to get to $10K/month, even if you’re just getting started!

Create a (tailored to your sweet behind) plan to get you to $10K this month…no need to wait!

And there is, you know, someplace SPECIFICALLY that your business needs a breakthrough that you are clueless about right now…and it starts with YOU!

And if you keep brushing over it, you will see that as much as you keep throwing money at it, or hiring psychics or working your bum off until next century…it will STILL not work!

Let’s save some time, shall we? The worst thing that can happen to you is WASTING more Time & Money on something that doesn’t work.

I can tell you the freedom that happens after you have your BIG GOAL and start seeing limitations as things of the past…is incredible.

Imagine traveling, having sessions with clients from anywhere in the world whether it’s your couch or Thailand, and STILL hitting the numbers.

The idea of what you think is required NOW to put hit your GOAL is not complete, and it’s also holding you back from making the right investments and decisions in your business.

If you keep going at this rate, eventually there will be no more money you can throw at it.

See you on the other side!


Letting go of the POO to finally BLAST through your income ceiling

Letting go of the POO…to finally BLAST through your income ceiling and HAVE the kind of confidence and self-belief that creates a SIX-FIGURE business in less than 1 year!

<<**Just sharing a few tips on…how to stop constipating your business and start creating an environment for easy consistent FLOW (No strings attached!) …;)**>>

You know, I remember when my mentor David Neagle taught me the concept of Burning Your Bridges.

It was in a room of what felt like hundreds of people and me on stage (Yikes!), spotlights blinding, getting coached by not only him, but a group of 5-6 7-Figure coaches.

In a few words, they were ALL telling me that I was WAY too comfortable in my life and that was WHY nothing was really moving.

Simply put, my business was CONSTIPATED, and there were things that I was going to have to do to get out of my comfort zone to get things moving, and start creating a sense of urgency for myself.

I wanted to get to my SIX Figures quickly, so I was ready to do whatever it took…and yet…

If I look back to that moment, I don’t think I even considered my part-time job as a colon hydrotherapist as part of that comfort zone. In fact, it didn’t even cross my mind!

My part-time job was more like well…I need to pay the bills… I need to eat… I need to pay rent! It was me doing the minimum in my life and strictly from a place of survival.

And honestly speaking, if I was looking at my history I had had failure after failure for two years up to that point. I was more than just a little hesitant to get UNcomfortable in any way.

So yea, my part-time job was so hidden from my view that I didn’t even think that was the actual problem, and yet, I can tell you what happened as soon as I quit it…I hit $10K!

But let me back up for a moment, because it wasn’t so cut and dry either…there was a bit more to this story and more reasons why I couldn’t and wouldn’t let go of the poo. And along with it all my “reasons” for staying stuck where I was.

I see this same trend happening with so many women that want to create REAL success in their business and yet if they don’t make any money with their business, it’s OK so long as they could make enough to pay the bills.

Whether it’s with a part-time job, a husband that pays the bills or a big savings account, the problem is that none of those things helps you fulfill your potential. It certainly didn’t help me!

When David’s coaches were telling me about being comfortable, what they were really saying is that I didn’t have any real skin in the game. Until I burned my bridges, I wasn’t making it non-negotiable for myself that I HAD TO SUCCEED, no matter what.

And it wasn’t just financial. Holding on to the poo was constipating my purpose! I ended up playing in my zone of competence (doing just enough) for what should have been my zone of genius!

I found there’s something that happens to our mindset and ability to create massive results when we still have one foot IN and one OUT…and it shows in terms of TIME. Years can pass and you feel like you haven’t really made any progress at all.

So I was just there…in a job that was so damn comfortable! I had all of the flexibility I wanted and needed. I could work as much as I wanted, could travel when I wanted, doing something I loved, and…

The biggest reason for not wanting to let go of the poo was the fact that my co-workers were more than just friends for me. They were family!

I didn’t want them to think that I’d just used them while it served me, or that I didn’t care about that job or was above it.

I kept asking myself endless questions…Would I be able to really keep my healthy lifestyle outside of this world that was so much a part of me? Is me letting go of this job the real sabotage? What if I stopped working there and I wouldn’t have any clients for months…how would I pay my bills?

Torturous thoughts filled my head for months and I just would not let it go… even long past when I didn’t need the money anymore.

As you can imagine, this kept me in a cycle of no movement for months…about 6 months to be exact, until I finally pulled the plug and created some real movement.

It wasn’t about disappointing anybody, or keeping a safety net…but about BETTING on myself, really believing that I could do it, and then burning my bridges so I would have to 🙂

Perhaps for you creating that level of urgency would be something completely different…just know something:

You can KNOW what to do for a long time, you can understand how to make it flow, how to create the best environment for success, and still block yourself by not actually taking action.

AND here is the truth that you are not just accepting…you already know what to do (I did!), you are just not doing it AND that is the essential part of the formula to your consistent $10K and SIX Figure Business.

You have to let that Sh*t go! 😉

Now go out there and get it done!


The gift of gratefulness and what it can teach you about attracting your first ever FEMININE $10K Launch

The gift of gratefulness and what it can teach you about attracting your first ever FEMININE $10K Launch

<<**Just sharing a few insights and tips to…get you breathing again at a normal pace, enjoying those warm showers and FINALLY walking the streets of Paris…(no strings attached! ;)**>>

I am no stranger to gratefulness. In fact, there have been 3 instances in my life where it’s been REALLY strong and made a huge difference in my experience.

The first one was when I finally came to the States from Cuba. No, I wasn’t grateful just then! Coming to the U.S. was the dream of my mother, not mine.

She wanted to give her 3 kids a different kind of life with opportunities, education…you know, the American dream.

I remember her explaining to me why we had to leave Cuba. I was VERY resistant…in fact, of the 4 of us, I took it the hardest. Cuba wasn’t just my home, I BELONGED there…

…or so I felt.

My mom’s general feeling about it all was “Do you like living like this?”

The “like this” she was referring to was taking showers from a bucket with a cup (we didn’t have running water) and eating hard bread from the panaderia because that was all there was to eat.

For a 12yo who thought she knew everything and who had ONLY known that kind of life, the answer was YES! I did! I was happy there, even living like THAT.

So…in this instance, gratefulness came much later. After the crying and the missing of my home to tear my heart to pieces, and the silence that I had never known settled in my heart…

…under a running warm delicious shower, for the simple easy pleasure of it…and then many years later when I visited Cuba again and in my family’s home I had to once again shower with a bucket. I was VERY grateful! 🙂

The second one was when I got to Paris for the first time…by myself, in a plane, with no friends there at all… and never having traveled that far away from home before.

This one hit me like TON of bricks all at once. I got off the plane to be immediately bombarded with French EVERYWHERE…and me feeling like it was the most natural thing in the world.

On the taxi ride to my hotel, the cabbie was chatting with me in French, and me telling him about my home and what I was doing in France…I think he was the first native that I ever spoke French with. It was one of the best feelings of my life.

I had tears of joy, vibrating at 1 billion miles/hr and then some, when I took a walk down the Seine or Canal St. Martin. I was grateful…to fulfill my lifelong dream.

So you’re waiting for it no?

What the h*** does this have to do with the Feminine Launch?

You see…for most kinds of life situations being grateful after and while it’s happening may work to help your experience…but NOT for entrepreneurship it doesn’t!

Here’s the definition: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and RISK.

The risk is not just financial…these days, the risk is on every level!

Risk of failure, risk of ridicule, risk of emotional mayhem, risk of not finding your tribe, and on and on…

To overcome all of these risks and still make it to the other side, with the clients, the success and the business you desire requires FAITH!

The kind of faith that you have to give everything to…and nothing shows more faith than gratefulness, when you do it BEFORE the fact.

It’s very easy to be grateful when you’ve had your $10K month, when you have your $5K client, and all that jazz…

…but can you be grateful when you didn’t? Can you be grateful after 5 people in a row told you NO? Can you be grateful to turn the risk around?

If you can’t, then you’re missing the lesson, the point, the big huge OPPORTUNITY resting on that moment.

To have the $10K Launch, you have to become the woman that HAS it. If you are not, then there are lessons you need to learn before it happens.

Gratefulness eliminates the weight on your chest that doesn’t let you breathe, the panic, the worry and fear…the DOUBT!

When you eliminate these things and go back to full faith, you can see the answers, you can open up to opportunities, you can SEE what you didn’t before and make the shift…easily!

So this was the 3rd place for me. I had to learn to be grateful BEFORE as well, and watch my business blossom as I became more of the woman who had that business.

So what can YOU do to have that feminine successful launch? Here’s a few things…

1. We’re talking business here… so check in your business: What is  your next goal? What is that thing that you truly desire right now?

2. What is/has been challenging about this goal? Have you hit the goal yet? If you haven’t, what are the emotions, thoughts and feelings that are prevailing right now?

3. Identify where you can bring in gratefulness and pump up your faith. REFRAME all those emotions from step 2 into gratefulness.

4. Watch the solutions show up! They have to, when you are in the right energy

5. BECOME. You have to. Your launch depends on it 🙂

Now go out there and get it done!