FINDING PROOF – ARTICLE #2 – How Relentless Faith Manifests Miracles

When I was initially thinking about creating my Finding Proof Article Series , I knew that the main reason for it was to be able to change the beliefs you have about what’s possible.

That means that the thing you think is impossible now, becomes possible by seeing the miracles that other people have consciously created for themselves by holding on to their Faith. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you, right?

At one point, it felt impossible that I would find my soulmate. I still remember the moment that I decided to consciously bring Paul into my life.

Well, I didn’t know it would be Paul! What I knew was that it would be nothing less than my ideal. I would not settle and I told the Goddess as much! 😉

Four years prior I had broken up with my ex and it was a devastating situation that left me emotionally depleted, depressed, and turned my world upside down. I could not bring myself to trust anyone, let alone love.

That situation did not leave me bitter like it does a lot of other people. What it did do was leave me in need of some serious healing! I needed to recoup my faith in relationships.

If I had known about coaching at that time, I would have definitely invested in seeking support from someone who could show me a different way. But hey, I know things happen for a reason and from my view point now I can see that me healing myself left me empowered and capable. 

It also left me with a clear idea of what I wanted. I had experienced a world of what I didn’t want, and through that whole time I had carefully constructed the things that I DID want from a partner, so when I went on a few dates, I knew right away whether it was a match or not.


Meeting Paul was complete happenstance. I think of all of the things that had to come together to make that day happen! Not just for me either…for him too! The moment I talked to him it was just so easy, and the next day after 6hrs of talking via email and text I knew I was in trouble! 😉

Paul did not come in a package I was looking for, but everything else about him was perfect for me, and then some. The qualities, the personality, his sense of humor, down to the way he is such a gentleman and still to this day opens the door for me to get in. I love everything!

I remember my precise words being, if it takes me another 20 years to find love, then I am willing to wait but I will not settle! And so he came!

That to say that the miracle you are seeking in your life, in your business, is closer than you think! Take it from my story, I could not have planned a better first meeting, a better partner if I had wanted. The Universe is ready to give you what you want if you have relentless faith like I did. 

So, what is it that you’re seeking to manifest right now? Is this enough proof that your dreams are around the corner? Don’t give up, seek help if you need it, increase your faith and give yourself permission to go for it, no matter what. Until next time, share your stories with me in the Finding Proof Facebook Group by clicking here: Finding Proof

Don’t take your foot off the pedal!

I have been seriously wondering when…oh when I was going to include a mermaid in my blog…because I love them. So much so that I have one tattooed on my back that I wanted since I was 15yo.


Anyways, today, there’s a bit of a twist because mermaids don’t have feet. However, they do flow, and once they get started their flow turns to momentum and they take off in the water! Or at least, that is what I like to imagine 😉

So this is what I’ve found, over and over again. As business owners and women dedicated to having it all, the lifestyle, the business, the family, the body and health…we may also experience ups and downs in our results.

It can feel as soft as a baby wave that barely moves you or as huge and shocking as a giant tsunami that just rocks every part of your being and is obviously dangerous.

Now…it may feel from the outside that we are just experiencing these things. And we are! However, we are also creating them!

Tweet This ButtonEven when it looks like it is completely out of your control and situations show up to stop your progress, you have a part in that.


Accepting this naked truth for yourself is so helpful, because that means that you can actually do something about it!

The problem with the ups and downs is that it can be very draining! They don’t serve you. They don’t work. And unfortunately this is the space that most women entrepreneurs operate from, especially when it comes to their finances.

Why? Because we have been conditioned that we have to work really hard to get where we want to go. And we haven’t at all been taught when to stop…so we keep going and going like self-proclaimed energizer bunnies and we are not supposed to operate that way.

Tweet This ButtonRemember, we are mermaids! Or at least we should act like them! Using flow to create momentum!


Starting with the small movements with all that water resistance, we keep going slowly, gracefully, feeling out our path, and then once we start it’s so much easier to keep going.

The other big, huge thing that I keep seeing women do is stop when they already have the momentum. That is the last thing you want to do! You want to use that flow!

As a balanced woman that has a Lifestyle Business with plenty of Time Freedom, there is no need to really take a break from your life. You will only feel that you need a break when your needs are not being met entirely.

Does that mean never take vacations? Absolutely not! But who would mind really spending a few hours working on something spectacular that helps the world become a better place while enjoying Bali, Costa Rica or Thailand?? (Those are some of my dream locales!) It wouldn’t feel like work at all. And that is the goal and what I support women create for themselves!

So in order to get there, you need to understand a few of things that you can actually do to :

1. Learn to identify for yourself when you are pushing yourself too hard, adding too many items to your to-do list that are just not as important. You may say that they are ALL important and I get it. However, do they all need to be done yesterday? If you need help with this I recommend that you check out my 3 for 3 Training

2. Learn when to use the flow and when to stop gracefully. If you are coming from an entitled type of energy like “I deserve this” then typically that is not the right time. This is a muscle that you should build or you will be wasting loads of time and money!

3. Create more consistency. We want the good size waves that get you there in one piece! Have systems in place that support you keep on top of your life and business without having to re-do everything from scratch every time. I created a training this month called:

From Flow to Momentum: 3 Common Mistakes that Keep Women Working Too Hard and Receiving Too Little

If you’d like to join us, click on the link above. I will be going over in more depth as to how you can start creating that ease that allows you to get to where you want to go much faster…and without the ups & downs or burnouts 🙂

Stay vibrant!

Sazzu Hope

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Why Working Hard May Be a Way of Running Away…from Yourself!

We all fall into default patterns. It’s our automatic, our normal, our comfort zone. Whatever you may call it, we have it in many areas of our lives.

When we are living in that space, we end up hurting ourselves, either immediately, or over a long period of time… slowly.

We don’t even notice either way, because we’re so used to being in this space that getting results this way feels normal, and sometimes it can even feel good. It can also feel like you’re winning, when in the end, you end up loosing.

I did this with my body a few years ago. I got into running quite often and even ran some races in central park and around NYC. I was having a blast with my running group, pushing myself to the limit…and I hurt my hips because of it.

Tweet This Button You see, the normal doesn’t have to be calm and steady, it can even be a form of pushing that feels almost counter intuitive, but it’s there…and it’s very real. 


Why does this happen?

For me, my default was working harder and doing more. Whenever I go into that space, I know that I am living life disengaged, and I start getting whatever I can get.

Tweet This Button Sometimes your default pattern may look like success on the outside. However, on the inside it won’t feel that way.


For example, I was completing races and earning praise from my team, however, I knew that my body was suffering and I quieted that voice inside me that wanted to have a beautiful body without pain.

As women, we may do this for many reasons. The main one that I’ve found is a way of running away from yourself, your truth and your desires.

So even when it looks like you’re “working” towards them, you are getting whatever you can get by not engaging with yourself and your truth.

Woah, hold up! How does that even relate?

Tweet This ButtonVery simple. None of us thrive on working hard when there is no balance, with no fulfillment in your lifestyle and life interests.


I know that that is not the only way, and in fact, it’s definitely not the way of many women business owners that feel that working hard is the only way to their success. 

Yet I know for a fact that  you can have your cake and eat it too, and that is something that I regularly support women with by creating a Lifestyle Business.

So how can you turn this around?

Instead of going into guilt for what you are NOT doing, how about using your patterns (of working hard and doing too much) as an opportunity to show you where you need to put energy and reconnect with yourself and your desires.

These patterns can show you how you can reengage, and you can use them to start receiving more Time Freedom and your Lifestyle Business.

If you’re interested in seeing other ways that you may be Resisting vs. Receiving, come to my live call on the 19th at 1pm ET! Click on the banner below to sign up!

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Now it’s your turn! Comment below! If you were to release your pattern of working hard while creating more success, how would that change your life?

Stay vibrant,