3 Time & Energy Saving Strategies That Get You Better Results Than Your Current 60+hr weeks!

There’s a lot of buzz right now about working smarter not harder. I am definitely part of that revolution. The problem with implementing this idea is that most of us are just not wired that way.

From when we were little, our parents told us to be good girls, that if we did what they told us to do we would be rewarded. And the more that we did what they told us to do, the more rewarded we would be.

All through school and college and even your corporate job, everyone has treated you the same way. And now that you have a business, it’s really hard to let go of some ideas because in theory they sound good, but in reality they can be disastrous to your business.

In this article I want to share with you exactly why working harder doesn’t work if you want massive success, and what you can actually do to get the results you desire by putting less time and energy then you currently are.

I feel the biggest struggle with women in disposition is the mindset. Your mind is telling you that if you do something you will get the results. Everything in your life and all the proof that you have from past experiences are telling you the same thing.

However, nothing is really working right now. So you think that if you try harder and harder that something will change. It has to! I mean, doesn’t it?

Those type of thoughts are very limiting. In your head, you hear “Work harder, longer, do more of this, more of that”, but it has no basis for success when it comes to running your own business.

In other words, a lot of the tasks that you are spending all of your time “working harder” are very likely not money-making activities!

The second mindset problem is that there are only so many hours in the day. Price Pritchett talks about this in You2, a magnificent book that I highly recommend if you ever want to make a massive quantum leap in your business. That means, if you want to make your first $5K, $10K or $20K month without getting there the “hard” way or taking forever!

He says that if you keep working hard at one point you will burn out, so that is NOT the answer! The answer is in doing things in a different way!

The trap of working harder extends beyond just burning out, however. You can also…

  • Get discouraged with your results and want to quit
  • Start believing your thoughts that this is not working
  • Want to go back to the so-called safe J.O.B.
  • Start making all of the wrong decisions in your business
  • Start attracting less-than-ideal clients because your vibration is off
  • Make mistakes!

So here are 3 things that you can do today to start getting the same or even better results than you are, but by putting less time and energy!

1. Leverage your time! 

Think about what will give you better results and NOW! Is it contacting people who are warm leads? Is it re-selling to past clients? Is it creating a live event and selling to a whole group of people at the same time instead of 1 to 1?

2. Create a set schedule with set time off and follow it, no matter what!

This one is one of my best tips! I always feel better and more liberated when I follow my schedule. You can feel taken care all the time as you know exactly what you should be doing…plus your energy will be much higher and that is much more magnetic to your ideal clients!

TIP. Start by doing the thing that you are most afraid of or have been procrastinating on for a while!

3. Create a business strategy that works…seamlessly and automatically!

For me, that is my Time Freedom Sequence launch system! Everything in my business revolves around the launch. I don’t have to know more than that…and as I add more things like speaking at live events or publishing my book (coming next year!), they will all fall into what my strategy is!

The more organized, the better because that leads me to be able to enjoy my Lifestyle Business 100% of the time!

I used to work 80hr weeks, now I work about 20 and I am more productive, more effective, and from last month to this month I achieved my first $10K from following these very same strategies that I am sharing with you here!

This Thursday I am giving a free training on how to build a Lifestyle Business that is profitable, purposeful & fun! Plus I am going to go over the 3 Common Mistakes that Women Business Owners Make that Keep Them Stuck Working Too Hard and Making too Little Money! Join us by clicking here: http://sazzuhope.com/lifestylebusinesstraining

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