How to make $10K in the first month of business

Tell me, what would it do for your business if your FIRST month was a $10K Month?

If in the span of ONE tiny little month you went from idea to High-End business of your dreams? If you started working ONLY with destined for you high-paying clients that inspire the bejeezus out of you to work with them, and that bring out the best of the best of your inner mentor?
Or further still…What would that do to your confidence, to your delivery, and to your TESTIMONIALS?

Would your business grow? Would you think that anything IS possible after that? …Let me ask you something, do you actually believe it COULD happen? That it could happen…to YOU?

I sure didn’t. It took me a long time to get to $10K, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. And it also wasn’t for lack of INVESTING!

Yup, I hear a lot of women having spent $5K in their business and for them it’s A LOT! Well…in my first year I spent over $40K.

I don’t know the exact number (and maybe I should). I never really looked into it because it was too painful for me at the time. I felt like a total failure.

What I know is that I was following what everyone else was telling me I had to do. I HAD to invest in myself. I HAD to commit financially to my business. I HAD to be all in.

There is truth to that, don’t get me wrong…but the other truth was that SECRETLY, in my private “I’m never letting this come out of my lips let alone admit it to myself” thoughts, I was just throwing money at the problem wishing it would go away. It felt so damn hard!

You see, I had always been very good with money…and in my corporate job as an Immigration Paralegal (can you imagine!?) I had saved up quite a bit both in my 401K and in actual savings. When I finally left the nightmare that was that job and stepped into my business, I didn’t know EXACTLY what it would take. I just knew that I was willing to do it…whatever it was.

So I got the website, and took the marketing courses…and I used up my savings hiring mentor after mentor, all resulting in no clients, no successes, NOTHING!

The worst of all of these experiment was the high-end mentor I hired for over $20K. I remember thinking that for $20K she had to have the cure for whatever was going on with ME! She would fix it, it would all be alright…but it wasn’t. In 6 months of working together…I had 1 client as a result (which came from another source) and a depleted bank account. BRUTAL!

Crying was the least of it…and believe me, I was doing plenty of that., along with not understanding what actually happened or what I did wrong.

It wasn’t just all that emotional baggage that I was carrying from 1 whole year of trial and ERROR (sans Success)…
I felt the remnants of my business slipping away from me, MY DREAM, with images of having to go back to a hellish job in corporate and finding that EVEN to be a better solution than to go on investing and getting no results. It wasn’t worth it.

So how did it all work out and turn into happily ever after?…hmm…let me see…

I changed up my strategy. I got into reality about where I was and EXACTLY what I needed. I wasn’t going to keep going getting vague services and vague promises, like I had when I had invested in that high-end mentor.
I needed something TANGIBLE!

In the end I realized that it had nothing to do with the mentor, and it had everything to do with me. Of course, would it have been better if she had seen that what I was asking for was not what I actually needed?…Sure! But hey, these things happen. I had to make a decision and stop throwing money at the problem. What exactly did I need?

There were two things that I knew for sure were necessary…

1. Mindset. I needed a mindset mentor to help me to actually see that the $10K was a possibility, and that it could be done quickly, in a month!

2. System. I needed a system that held my business, that worked, that nurtured it and made it better every month, and that would give me TIME FREEDOM! At the time of my so called “experiments” I was working about 80hr weeks and I knew that was part of the problem.

And it worked! From the first month…BOOM! $7K launch and it’s been as beautiful and then some ever since.

The system I actually ended up creating for myself because I couldn’t find it being taught everywhere has made all the difference in my business…and it is exactly what I now teach my clients!

More than that, the dream result that I did not achieve for myself is EXACTLY what I’m now helping my clients ACCOMPLISH.

So you see, you don’t have to go the long route, like I did. The pain, the INVESTING on things that you don’t need and that don’t work because you STILL don’t have the SYSTEM that you plug it into.

So here is where you come in! Yes, YOU!

What do you want? The trial and ERROR (sans success) for years until you come to the conclusion I did, after so long, that leads you to this same place…3 years from now?

Or do you want your FIRST month in business to be EPIC! Leaving you the sweet taste of success in your mouth, as easily identifiable as chocolate…and then moving forward to an even greater version with every subsequent launch? Now, you don’t go from 80hr weeks to working zero hrs and having $10K. What I’ll give you requires motivation, energy…it requires your DECISION.

So if you haven’t decided that you want that kick-ass business like my client Lorna, or many of my other clients, and you haven’t decided to STOP throwing money at the problem and actually address what your business NEEDS, then this is definitely not the session for you.

But if you’re done with the excuses why you can’t have it now, why now it’s not a good time, why everything fails and you put all of YOU in the game, then you can start getting results NOW!

That’s it! No more wasted time, no more excuses, no more delays. Your dreams are a comment away. Did you decide yet?

All my love to you,